Today the easiest way to reach to masses is through social media. Social media is one of the most convenient and widely used strategies of digital marketing. Social media helps to bring the brand awareness and brand presence outside the company's website. Due to its enormous reach among the audiences, competition in social media is also huge. Every company in today's time use social media marketing tool to promote its brand. Fierce competition has compelled the brands to come out with creative ideas to differ from each other and catch the audience attention.

 Creativity is always good but sometimes due the thrive of being highly creative, we tends to overlook the opportunities present in front of the eyes and lead to deviation in the goal of the marketing strategy.

 Having said that, lets see some common Do’s and Don’ts that we come across while doing social media marketing.

1. Negligence in forming a social media strategy

According to Top seo company in usa, the biggest mistake that brands usually commit is not having a strategic approach towards social media marketing. Before going for social media marketing it is highly recommended to form a strong strategy to avoid getting diverted from the  targeted goal. Social media marketing strategy will help to analyse the results more critically. 

Before starting the social media marketing keep these factors in mind:

  • Which niche is to be targeted i.e what information does the followers get from the brand

  • The type of content the targeted audience is appreciating on social media.

  • Social media platform that the target audience is following.

  • Type of result expected from the marketing strategy like it can be increase in blog followers or more social media traffic for the website.

  • Tactics for measuring the results of the marketing strategy like it can be engagement metrics or increase of search traffic on the website.

2. Content type

The biggest mistakes that usually brands do is the kind of content they use in marketing. Maximum companies try to be present in all the social media platforms with the same content. Top 10 Seo company in miami has found out that a single content used for different platforms does not generate the kind of results expected.

A proper research is to be done for knowing the kind of content lied by the target audiences in different platforms and change the content likewise.

3. Interaction

Posting content at different platforms will not always connect the target audience. Maximum time people may avoid the information in the content. In this case it is recommended that companies should interact with its followers. Start debates or some contest or even a discussion to connect the followers on a personal level and give free goodies. This will give a lasting impression in the mind of the customers 

4.Keeping the content too long

These days everybody is in hurry, commonly people use social media for a brief period of time.Getting the content too long can lead to be unnoticed. It is important to have short, precise yet engaging content. For example somebody who is probably in train and checking out social media would ignore the long contents because he is in hurry.

5. Usage of video 

Brands usually link their content with the video present in youtube or in their websites. We all know that video messages are more engaging and interesting. Audiences love to see videos, graphics, images rather plain contents. But by linking the pages with other page, it become cumbersome for the audience.

The best way to get out of it, is to use native video on the social media platform. By doing this the attention of the customers will stay and also it becomes easier for people to share.

6. Updating the strategy

You feel bored when you have to eat a same food everyday, similarly audience get bored of a particular content. Social is continuous updating platform and to engage audiences it is importamt that brands should always audit time to time about their performance. It is better to be updated than to lag behind.

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