Social media is not just a medium of communication but it is a channel through which marketers can reach to the broad spectrum of customers and establish a relation with them.

Social media is now the need of all marketers of digital platform. It takes a better understanding and considerate amount of effort to do social media marketing.

There are many channels by which social media marketing can be learnt. There are many books, articles etc that can provide you valuable information but we believe that motion content are easy to understand and replicate. brings for you list of 25 social media you tube SEO 2014 channels that can help you to learn the aspects of social media marketing easily and more interestingly.

Let’s get started:

  • 500 Social Media Tips: You can learn social media marketing and strategies from this best selling book. You can get insight on youtube marketing plans, Google+tips and many more.

  • Beyond Social Media: This channel provide a quick look at the impact of social media on brands, society. You can see the conversation among long time users and early adopters.

  • ClickZ: This channel talks about the big changes that are happening in the digital marketing industry. This channel compiles the views of industry leaders from all over the world.

  • Hot Blog Tips: This channel answer the most commonly asked questions in blogging, social media marketing and much more.

  • Hootsuite university:  They provide video learning module to make people aware and learn about different nuances of social media platforms.

  • Ignite Social Media: Ignite social media is one of the best American social media agency. Their channel is great in terms of providing with latest trends in the industry and valuable insights.

  • John Haydon:  You can find social media tutorials, interviews from experts and all other features of social media channels. All the quick hacks of social media can be located in this channel.

  • Katie Wagner Social Media: This channel of Katie Wagner talks about the importance of storytelling and engaging targeted customers of the market. You can use this channel to increase your knowledge for social media management in all facets.

  • Kim Garst: You can know a great deal about social optimization from this channel. This channel run by expert of social media marketing has a lot of knowledge to offer.

  • Kurt Wilhelm: Kurt Wilhelm talks about the social media strength and weakness at social media universe. He interviews several social media professionals to get insight for the social media.

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn provide video that helps to teach about how to connect professionals across the globe and this is the most valuable thing that you should learn for your business.

  • Martin Shervington: Martin Shervington posts informative videos on social media and technology as a whole.

  • Ryan Hanley: Ryan talks about the importance of content marketing in his business. He digs even deeper with expert interviews that provides a good bunch of valuable advices to follow.

  • Shelley Roth: Shelley Roth talks about all the latest news and trends in her channel. She answers the frequently asked questions on social media.

  • Social Media Bloke: This channels provides you quick and easy tips to harness social media with its full potential for business marketing. You can use this channel to get tips that can help you survive in the cut throat competition.

  • Social media delivered: Social media delivers provides social media training services to lead organizations towards achieving their vision.

  • Social media examiner: Social Media Examiner is the world’s largest social media magazine. It works behind bringing in the light, the true power of social media marketing. They feature event highlights, interviews from the leaders etc.

  • Social Media Week: If you have missed the edition of social media week then you can cover it by following the video coverage . The event demonstrate about the cultural, social, economical effect on social media worldwide.

  • Social bakers: Socialbakers provide video tutorial for using the advantage of analytics in your website. It also recaps the latest social media event speakers.

  • Smart social media 4Biz: This channels helps to teach small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals to improve their brand awareness.

  • Social media hangout: Top experts from the industry in designing, social media and SEO collaborate together to answer some of the burning questions. Check the social media hangout to get updated about all the new happenings in the industry.

  • Socialnomics09: Erick Qualman author this channel. This channel provides timely statistics and suitable examples in social media strategies.

  • Spalsh Media U: This is an accredited educational program that offers social media training tools for business. Read some of the helpful insight for the industry.

  •  The digital excellence show: If you are working hard to gain your lost traffic and analyse the mind of your targeted customers then you should definitely watch this channel. The Digital excellence show provides you with best solution and tactics.

  • Wade Harman: Wade Harman shares tips to build relationship with online marketing. Take your efforts for online marketing a step forwards by subscribing this channel.

  • VRTube: Vertical Response's Youtube channel shares video on social media, SEO, marketing. You can also learn to create, manage and monitor your marketing campaign.

We hope this list helps you to move a step further in learning about social media. Feel free to suggest addition in the list.

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