Affiliate Network And Youtube: Is It A Worthy Idea For Your Business?


Affiliate Network And Youtube: Is It A Worthy Idea For Your Business?

Youtube is the second largest search engine with over a billion of users that stands tall among most of the other platforms available. It is estimated that over 6 billion hour of video are viewed every month on youtube. These statistics are more than enough to bring a strong trust on youtube as a platform.

We all know there are multiple ways to earn money from videos. But the most profitable one is combining youtube videos with affiliate network links. If a marketer has an active channel on youtube and continues to build subscriber by posting active videos. There are many marketers who opt for the use of youtube ads program to make money out of their videos. But the long run income obtained from these youtube may not stay for long.

For  a better income making procedure from youtube, it is ideal to switch to affiliate network.

Affiliate marketing works on the principal of recommendation for certain product that influencers from youtube suggest to their subscribers. Clicking on these affiliate links and making purchase will make youtube influencers earn profit.

How do you use affiliate networks on youtube?

1. Use the affiliate link shortener provided by marketer

This can be the first tip for making money with youtube video and affiliate network link, if you are about to use Amazon Marketplace or any other ecommerce platform. Affiliate links are pretty long for the product you promote on Amazon, this looks ugly when you put the link on video description. Therefore, it is important to shorten your affiliate link  to make it simpler and easy for people to click on it. Make sure to use link shorteners provided by the respective merchants and not from any other source.

2. Make a decent video to embed youtube video

For earning profit from videos, it is important to have a live website. Your website should always be decently designed and informative for the relevant product that you will promote. Bigger companies like Amazon or Ebay check the existence of website and its relevance before providing an affiliate program.

3. Make sure to create affiliate link for your promoted product

A large product platforms has numerous product for promotion, make affiliate link for all these products. This is the step that can make you earn money. If you promote the product directly with product link instead of affiliate link, chances are you will not get profit from the percentage that sales can bring from your link. Therefore, make sure to create an affiliate link before promoting a product.

The social media platforms are usually governed by influencers and there strong followers based when it is about business. Youtube is no different to this! Youtube influencers are those people who has established themselves as the expert of a niche industry with the help of highly informative and regular content videos. Youtube influencers generally enjoy strong followers base and the followers get massively influenced by the recommendation given by the expert. Therefore, collaborating youtube influencer and making use of their follower base for affiliate marketing is extremely lucrative.

Now , a bigger question is how to partner with youtube influencers?

  1. Begin with search a youtube influencer which has something common with your product or service. Like, if you have a beauty brand search for makeup on youtube. Check which video has max viewership and subscriber list. If you think the audience is right for your target, reach out to the youtuber for promoting your brand.
  2. Send your product to youtuber. This way you can easily make your product out and give the influencer a real time experience about your product. If things go well, they may share it with their subscriber list and bingo! You get exposure and may be some reviews.
  3. Finding influencers agencies is not that difficult in recent times. These agencies can help you find right influencer but with a cost associated with it. This method is expensive but they can help you to get right youtuber.
  4. You can find youtube influencers from affiliate network. Reach them via your network and also make them aware about the possibility of the profit


Youtube as platform has immense potential in itself. It has the capability to grab that attention of viewers by its visual enticing content. Affiliate networks help marketers to channelise this potential of youtubers for attracting their targeted customers and bringing better exposure for their product or service. The tips mentioned above can bring a great result for your business. Therefore, it is massive good idea for your business to use youtube and affiliate network for your product promotion.

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