25 Incredibly Helpful Marketing Blogs On Tumblr


25 Incredibly Helpful Marketing Blogs On Tumblr

Tumblr is a micro blogging site that is getting more and more popular with each passing day. Presently tumblr has approximately 300 million visitors a month. This monthly visit statistics can itself speaks the importance of this platform. There are 185 million blogs on this platform. Tumblr and other such platforms has made easy for the people to absorb the long form  contents much faster. 

10seos.com always work behind to facilitate readers with valuable insights within different platforms of digital world. Today we have brought a collection of 25 incredibly helpful marketing blogs that can be accessed on Tumblr.

Let’s get down to some reading! 

  • 360 photos: 360 photos is a tumblog that is dedicated to current marketing news. Readers can get a good amount of learning stuff about small businesses and trade from this blog.

  • Amy Yamazaki: Amy Yamazaki is a PR professional who provides her tumblr blog with the valuable resource for personal and business branding. The infographics and the blogs shared by her gives careful insight on the marketing landscape. 

  • Ay digital: Ay digital contains blogs with in depth information articles. The topics of these articles ranges from social media to internet and different facets of it.

  • Constantine McKool: This blog concentrates on interesting perspectives of social media. You can find slideshows, infographics and other statistics.

  • Craig Riley: Craig Riley runs this blogs and add all relevant informations from promotion to web design to marketing. 

  • DigMar: DiMar deliver information related to social media and marketing on web. Every information related to social media is available here.

  • Fiber.net: Fiber.net has a company Tumblr page that has its own blog containing post from social media to building career. These posts are complemented by some funny pictures.

  • Fog lyte: Jonathan Barrick is the marketing and strategic director for Fog Lyte. He contributes for the posts that are related to social media and search marketing information for readers. He also list the best practice of SEO for Tumblr as well.  

  • Inbound marketing dude: They provide interesting aspect of marketing and SEO landscape in their blog posts.

  • Internet marketing blog: if you are looking for some eye catchy business headlines and daily marketing mix information, then this blog is best to focus on. The provide some best stories that can be quite helpful for marketers.

  • Jay Mug:  Jay Mug is a marketing professional who contributes on web design, marketing, advertisements, technology etc. he includes various pictures and advertising pieces to make the posts interesting.

  • Kate Brockhurst: Kate Brockhurst shares funny cartoons and infographics on inbound marketing. Her blogs are well curated and highly informative.

  • Kenny Fillinger : He shares his blogs on Tumblr from his website. This blog has a variety of topics related to social media tactics and many more.

  • Marketing land: marketing land has there blog on Tumblr as well and they share many type of blog posts ranging from social media marketing to content marketing and many other relevant topics.

  • Marketing Maven PR blog: This blog contains tips on copywriting, SEO and social media. They also share links and resources to give better information.

  • Marketing Nerd: Maggie lu is the one who leads the blog. They share best information and news from marketing and media industry. Getting in the blog will empower you with valuable information.

  • Marketingstream.io: it is inbound marketing agency that helps  companies to gain growth by content marketing and social media marketing. It is a must read blog!

  • Marketr:  This is official feed for Tumblr’s sale and brand strategy team. This blog is used to share insight on tumblr marketing strategy, marketing news etc.

  • Mastering marketing: This is another blog that is dedicated to provide information about social media and other marketing news.

  • Search engine Journal: As like always, search engine journal Tumblr blog is equally worthy. You can follow them and get updated about their articles.

  • Social media desk: This blog shares all the information that is floating on eb related to social media marketing

  • The social business:  The social business is a tumblog started by IBM Global service. They talk about how digital strategy is affecting business strategies.

  • The very of the marketing blog: this blog share marketing trends and news from UK. if you are interested to get a fresh perspective on marketing then consider reading this blog. 

  • The social media dynamo: They report all marketing news and topics. They select conversation enticing blog posts.

  • Thomas Jedelhauser: This blog works to combine all the relevant inbound marketing news in one single platform.


We hope this list can give you some careful insight on marketing. If you have some more suggestion, you can inform us by commenting.

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