Are you new to video marketing?

Apprehensive about using video marketing due to lack of knowledge?

Blow Off this fear. There are many blogs that are dedicated towards providing a better insight for video marketing. From technical tricks to making viral videos every things under the umbrella is available in these blogs.

We at 10seos.com work rigorously to make digital marketing as easy as possible for the marketers. Today we have come up with the list of top 25 video marketing blogs that should be read and followed by every marketer looking to go for video marketing.

  • Youtube: Youtube is the premier video marketing channel. Just as Google analytics make sense among the analytical programs for tracking Google searches, youtube’s blog is also a rich resource bank to increase the effectiveness of youtube marketing power. Youtube blog is filled with news and examples of powerful video contents.

  •  Digitpro: Tony Zohari shares his expertise and opinions on Digitpro. The blog include useful tips on making professional videos,creating videos to increase sales etc.

  • Imagination Media: Tim Danyo shares useful insight on video marketing and also for content marketing. Video marketing is part of content hence having tips and advice on both of these interrelated aspects is beneficial.

  • Reel SEO: ReelSEO provide a wide range of resources that can take video marketing on to another level and get better exposure from the audience.

  • James Wedmore: James’s blog talks about videos for marketing at Youtube or general videos marketing for the web. This blog provides valuable tips and strategies that can make the Video stand among others and create maximum engagement.

  • Will Video for Food: Kevin Nalty is a video marketing expert who owns this blog. This blog provides many useful informations about titbits of Youtube, video marketing news and other statistics that can prove the usefulness of video marketing.

  • Josh Rimer: Josh Rimer is the expert of Youtube marketing which is the top marketing channels. This blog can be a very useful resource for people who wants to start marketing on Youtube.

  • Video Brewery: This blog helps business to create explainer videos to introduce their product and services. This blog primarily focuses on tips and advice for creating explainer videos.

  • Steve Garfield: Steve Garfield blogs is based on topics ranging from food to technology. The technology section is packed with valuable insight on video marketing. Steve’s blog is ideal for those who wants to learn about the tips, tricks and useful shortcuts for video production.

  • Ask Mr. Video: This include different details of video generation and also include interviews of eminent video making gurus.

  • Tim Washer : Tim Washer blog is not whole heartedly dedicated to video production or video marketing but provide significant information about video marketing along with some funny reads.

  • Monika Rydzewski: Monica’s site is filled with video posts. Most of them are the interviews that she has given to media outlets talking about her insight on video marketing.

  • Business week online video: This section has wide variety of expert article from a wide range of contributors. One should also go through Business week’s video marketing section.

  • Onlinevideo.net: onlinevideo.net is a useful resource of how to guides,reviews, articles and more importantly videos. This blog is all about video

  • Wistia: wistia is a video hosting company for businesses. The blog for the company is filled with video marketing specimens online, tutorials on video productions and managing video marketing campaigns.

  • Distilled: The video category of Distilled does not have much but still the articles that are there can prove to be very beneficial.

  • Yes! Media Works: This company has a useful blog that is dedicated to video marketing. It is a useful blog to learn the nuances of  video marketing.

  • One market media: one market media’s marketing with video and rich media blog covers all the aspects of video marketing. From local to top 10 videos and also the viral videos, statistics etc.

  • My web presenter: This blog is dedicated to the topic of marketing by videos online. This blog emphasises on the importance of storytelling and all essential information for making a video for enhancing business.

  • Somedia networks : somedia networks have an excellent blog dedicated to video marketing with resources integrating social, Video SEO, best practices and tons of other informations.

  • Adverblog: this blog has an extensive collection of advertisements with the comments of the experts from the industry. This blog is beneficial for marketers who are aspiring to start their video marketing to know about what works in the industry and what not. This is the best place to analyse companies rising or falling with video advertisements.

  • Unruly media: Blog run by Unruly media shares expert advice on getting the audience notice the video, get motivated with the video message. It also shares abundant amount of real life examples.

  • Visible measures:For real time, frontline perspective on social video, this blog is ideal.

  • Viral Blog: viral blog cover everything that is viral including viral video. This blog is ideal to know what works and what not to create a viral video for the business.


That’s it! If you have any more suggestion, you can comment below and let us know about them.

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