2018: Ecommerce Trends


2018: Ecommerce Trends

Rapid hike in e-commerce means you would have to make rapid changes in your strategy. Stats have shown that by 2021 the rise in ecommerce would be huge, the hike can be estimated at around 245% from the year 2014. To accommodate such hike you would have to change many things in your ecommerce store. Ecommerce is rising exponentially and it is showing no signs of hampering the speed as well. Meaning, if your store is not offering excellent e-commerce services, you would be elusive of half of your potential customers. 

However, this fast-paced growth demand changes. If you are thinking that posting pictures of your products would attract your ideal customers then you should be ready for some losses. To turn the stride on your side you might need to focus on the following trends:-

Native Shopping

The indigenous connection is always the winner. To take your business to the new heights the encouraged people in your city would help massively. Your first focus should be on the natives instead of blending platforms. In terms of ecommerce when we talk about native that means we should provide the services on the platform which we are using to promote our store, like the ads we post on Instagram, if we can let the users explore the store on Instagram only and will make the purchase easier then that would be the native connection and native shopping. 

For ecommerce, the native connection is as crucial as butter to the bread. And if you can set your shop on the platforms like Instagram and Pinterest then your growth will be accelerated. Because if you can offer things on the platforms then people would not have to leave them and visit your site so if you can adjust all the things on those platforms then people would not have to visit other sites and would be able to get what they want from one place only. 

Considering Pinterest, the shop-the-look feature on Pinterest could be of much use for your e-commerce stores. Because that feature allows the users to tap on things separately and from there only you can allow the user to make the purchase. 

VR (Virtual Reality) And AR (Augmented Reality)

Technology is the insight of the future and as it is evolving, it is offering unprecedented things for everyone involved. The best way to purchase is to see the product right in front of you, but that technique is the thing of past years. Now with AR and VR people can place the stuff they want to buy right in the space for which they are planning to make that purchase. 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are going to be the bottom line of the companies in the few years and right now they are the top line. If you can offer any of them, the hike in your business is a sure shot to follow. 

Few companies after installing AR on their site noticed that their sale has hike by 10x and the time on the site has also multiplied by 2x. In all cases, ecommerce is in a win-win situation. 

The company IKEA is offering as AR application which would place 3D objects in your house. With that application, customers can make their mind easily and they would also use it for the try out purpose. 

Customers want to make easy purchases and technology is making everything easy. The initial investment would be welcomed by better sales and better traffic which will ultimately make your website the first choice of search engines and also the top model for seo consultant.

Chatbots And Automation

Now that Facebook messenger has registered more than 1.3 Billion people active on it, using chatbots for marketing, sales, and customer services is a step ahead. 

Domino’s has deployed its messenger chatbot, Dom for ordering. Customers want their food to be ordered right away. They are always looking to get the things done in fast and in simple ways. Moreover, if your store is having chatbot then it would signify that your company is advanced and forward thinking.


Now that you have time on your side you can make the most of the chatbots and can establish the hegemony of your ecommerce store in the segment. On the other hand, if you would not update your store then you might be left to eat the dust over time. 

Voice Search

The incoming devices are making the searches easy and they are focused mostly on the voice search. With that coming many stores updated their online presence and went straight away to get the compatibility on their stores. 

For your business voice search is one thing that will make your website accomplished to compete on all fronts this year. Else, it would not be shocking news that your store could not reach the projected sales figure. 

Google express is one of the prominent figures to make the most of the sales and Walmart has made its presence registered. The customers of Walmart are now voice searching their products and everyone is making the best of that facility. If you can see ahead then you will notice that the emergence of Google Home is another coming thing which can let your customers enjoy your service if your store will be compatible with it. 

All you have to do to reap the profits from voice search is to update your store on Google and do not forget to mention the things in the right way. 

Mobile First Then Comes The Desktop

Everything is happening from mobile phones. With most of the payments are also made through mobile phones you can have the idea about the importance of mobile in the coming time. Desktops will be forgotten in the coming time. Things like searches, payments, applications, and visiting websites would be done only on the mobiles and tablets. If your website would not be updated, then it is going to be a blow for your company. 

Moreover, the way smartphones are evolving on the payment front is a thing not to mull over but to act. Now smartphones are making the payments easier than ever. And all those modes can never be used on the desktops. Hence, you have no other option but to update your ecommerce store for online payment on the mobile. 

The Tool ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline)

Hitherto it has been difficult to measure the digital efforts that are materializing offline sales. 

With the tool ROPO, you can track your digital efforts making up for the sales. ROPO is a tool that combines information from the social media, mobile tracking, payment, inventory, CRM tool, and many other things that uncover which ad has led the customers to make the in-store purchase. 

The information collected by the ROPO is one of its kind and is extremely helpful. Because figuring out which kind of ads are bringing you most customers would elevate the sales and bolster your strategy. This information would be instrumental in getting the higher-conversions, would filter campaigns, and would also elevate your confidence to develop new strategies. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Machine Learning

You might have got tired of listening about AI and machine learning on the news day in day out. But ditch those news as now it is time to use the machine learning and AI on your ecommerce store. 

Take the case of Netflix, they do not check things like gender, age, location they focus on the things like searches made by an individual, shows watched by an individual to quantify their feed for an individual. That is due to the fact of deployment of machine learning on their site. And that is the future. 

For ecommerce, you can use machine learning as in what you should show to your customers. Content will be divided by the machine learning and AI and the earlier you can apply it on your website the antes of being favorite would not fade away easily. 

Image Search

If you have seen something which you like but feel it a bit expensive then the best thing you can do is to click it and later on search it on the Google or eBay where you are likely to find the better deals. 

This thing is possible if your ecommerce store is compatible with the image search. The estimations say that the voice and image searches would go north of 50% of the overall searches by 2020. 

If image searches offer opportunities of delicious deals, customers would not waste jibbies to get the hold of it. For ecommerce stores, it is an opportunity to gain some popularity and make the best of the coming time and image search. For the record, it will also make up for your SEO and for your local SEO services it would cover the lagging factor. 

Product Videos

When customers check any product their first question is always how they can use it the best and how they can couple it up with all other things. And to sell the product you have to tell them all the things about the product, even more than they can ask. You would have to educate them as best as you can, but all of it is to be done digitally. Moreover, all these lessons should be compelling. What can you do? Post videos that are informative and enticing. 

Your videos would establish a connection with the customers and would make them buy your product. As it would be providing information to the customer, it would be appealing to them, simultaneously.

To add some more benefits. The efficiency of SEO would also increase dramatically. Check the 

Top 10 SEO Firms and all of them would suggest posting the videos.

Delivery day

Amazon Prime has had most of the talking since they established it. The same day delivery took few jibbies to capture the market and seeing the progress Google Shopping Express announced the same for the coming time. Now if you would not grind anything, you would lose most of your customers to them. 

The delivery day has never been more important than ever, but now that it is important you can only do one thing and that is to get ready for it and start delivering the day your customers want. The only way to win the customers is by providing them the things they want and the way they want. 

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