YouTube SEO: How to Generate More Traffic


YouTube SEO: How to Generate More Traffic

Whether you want to watch cute, animal videos, or a watch a tutorial on how to operate your phone- the first place you look for such videos is on YouTube. As the largest video sharing website and app, YouTube has come to be the second largest search engine in the world. With almost 30 million users constantly active on the website and about 100 hours of videos uploaded everyday, it is important for someone who makes videos to learn how to get more and more views. Do not worry because you do not necessarily need to look up “best SEO companies” for your projects on YouTube. 

Here are some of the ways by which you can generate more traffic on YouTube:

#1 Content is King

As any experienced SEO consultant would tell you, regardless of how many tactics you use, it will be hard for you to retain your viewers if your content is not fresh. Make sure that the content you make is original and not just a compilation of stolen content from other channels. That is bound to drop your views.

The content should be relatable and should encourage engagement amongst the viewers. There are a few signs that tell you that your video is a good one. If a user likes, comments, shares your video or subscribes to your channel, know that you are definitely doing something right. 

#2 Use the Right Keywords

Using Keyword Tool and Google AdWord Analytics, you can identify the lucrative keywords that are bound to bring you more views than before. But before you do that, make the maximum of the autocomplete feature on the Google search. This way, you are bound to target not only rthe viewers on YouTube, but also of Google. Make sure that the words commonly searched for are incorporated in your video title.

The title of the video should be more than five words so that you don’t have to suffer from Keyword Stuffing.

#3 Length of the Video

A lot of YouTuber like Pewdiepie make sure that their videos are of a certain length (in his case ten minutes). This is because longer the videos, more probable it is that YouTube will feature them at the top of the search results. 

#4 Description of the Video

Because the crawlers cannot watch the videos, it is important for you to make the most of the video description. You should incorporate keywords in the description as well as attach links to your videos more website, because this is sure to garner more views as it legitimizes the validity of your videos. 

#5 Share Relentlessly

As the title suggests, you should- without fail, share your content on as many social media platforms. In fact, you can even bug your friends to share your videos with other people so that you can garner more and more views. Who knows maybe it will go viral. Try embedding your links on websites that have the question and answer format (eg- Quora) because people who look for answers are desperate to know the answers to a certain question, there is no doubt that they will indeed watch your video to get more answers.


Although these are some of the ways of gaining more views, there is no sure shot way of quickly getting more views. It is recommended that you stay away from websites like Fiverr in order to get more views because YouTube can tell when the views are fake, and it removes the view count if it is identified as fake. The journey to becoming famous on YouTube might be tedious but the returns are worth waiting for. 

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