Why You Should be Obsessing About the Social Proof Right Now


Why You Should be Obsessing About the Social Proof Right Now

Trust is the new currency of the internet.

Social proof adds the value to this currency.

Once upon a time, the links were considered as the internet currency but for the internet of things, the trust matters more. You may have linked your product page with various high traffic articles but that is useless if people do not trust it. Ruling the mind of the audiences is not as important as ruling their hearts.

That being said, we cannot focus enough on the necessity of social proof on your product page. This social proof can be the Facebook likes for the product or the review video of some influential YouTuber.

Let us understand the reasons why we need these proofs at our website.

#1. If they do not intend to buy it, they will buy it anyhow

Alba wants to buy specs. She is not a fan of the lenses because she once tried it and the experience was horrible. She decides to buy the specs on Friday after she returns from the office. In the office, while chit chatting, she discussed with two of her friends that she is buying new specs. Both of her friends mentioned that they use the lenses from the same brand and they are great. These friends did not recommend her the lenses but she is affected anyhow. She is at home and browsing through the different kind of specs. She suddenly finds herself at the same lenses store she heard about at the office. She is now thinking to buy one with the hope that this time would be different than the last time.

Relating much?

You must be thinking; being there, done that.

We often go online to buy something but seeing the ratings, reviews and other social proof, we buy something completely different. We think that if so many people are buying it, it should be really good. These things have deeper effects on our choices. If you are not putting the social proof on your product page, you are missing out the audience who are affected by those numbers. The best SEO Company In Boston invests in this strategy because it sometimes brings the traffic beyond the targeted audiences too.

#2. They want to be that +1

Sheen works as a help. While she takes the kids out to the park, she meets various other help too. They all talk about some shoes that are very comfortable and they help them to work faster without causing the heel pain. The shoes that Sheen is wearing are quite comfortable too but she wants to be a part of the discussion. The next day, she buys the shoes and enters the discussion about it. She is now a part of the group.

We want to belong. Sometimes, we purchase something to be a part of the community. It is not our need and there are better products but we purchase them to maintain a social status or to become a part of a group. So social proofs are important signs that tell the audience about the community that they will be a part of after buying the product.

#3. No proof, the product must not be good enough

Will you buy a product with no ratings and reviews at all? Why would you? You just think that the product is not good enough to write a review or no one has purchased it till now. If you do not include the social proofs at your site, people will be unable to decide whether to purchase it or not. In the heat of confusion, they often move forward without buying the product.

SEO services in California suggest doing the shameless promotion of your product. If it is the best-selling product in the category, mention it. If it has won some award, mention it. If it has been appreciated by some influential personality, you guessed it right; mention it!

Why would you not use the social proofs on your website? Everyone wants to be a part of the crowd. The social proofs help them to decide which group they want to join.

Hope you will now use the social proofs at your site to drive even more sales. Please give your opinions about using the trust currency at the e-commerce sites in the comment box below.

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