Why Google loves your website


Why Google loves your website

Marketing strategies transform consistently to adapt the frequent variations in the search engine algorithms. Marketing has lost its main goal up to an extent. Search engine optimization that is the process to gain high ranks in search engine results has become more of a ‘process’. Webmasters perform the same using unfair means and strategies which is wrong for the visitors. No wonder, Google loves the surfers and aims at taking out the best at the top and leaving or penalizing the one who is fake. Although manyPerth SEO experts fairly optimize websites and in the same way Google responds to them. Google rewards the companies that focus less on gaming the algorithms and more on bringing the fresh and reliable products and services to customers. I tried projecting light on the strategy and implementation that Google loves:

  • A website should serve for wonderful user experience and ought to present useful content. It is better to design such websites that people come back again and again to avail your services. The website pointing towards the existing customers gains prominence itself. What Google doesn’t like your website to have, are black hat techniques. However renowned SEO services, Perth never use such tactics, but you may find few performing the same to generate leads.
  • Content is king! The website should contain fresh and useful content that must accomplish the meaning of why it is kept at the same place on the website. It must not be interruptive in any case and should be relevant.
  • Do you have presence over social media platforms? Yes! Presence on social networking websites alters the search engine relevancy upto a great extent. Think about the customer’s persona and you will automatically start to concentrate over the positive and negative aspects of your online business.

Build a brand that has meaning and value in the customer’s mind and hearts and success will definitely have its footsteps at your door.

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