Why Facebook and Snapchat both Should be on Your List



Why Facebook and Snapchat both Should be on Your List

It is often said that the social media is equivalent to the distractions. You should represent your brand on the few platforms that matter the most to you. While Facebook is at the top of everyone’s list, Snapchat is gaining the success fast. If you are confused what to choose, we give you the answer straight ahead; choose both. We have reasons to give you that advice.

In the favor of Facebook


#1. Your audience is on Facebook so you need to be there. Facebook has been around for so longer time that sometimes, social media becomes a synonym for Facebook. It has about 1.65 billion monthly active users and you will find a good percentage of your audience on it. The Snapchat users are increasing fast but talking about today, Facebook is the best platform to find the audience.

#2. The Facebook users use it in many ways. They announce every big thing on it, they show rage and love on it. They do many things and in a single word, they engage with the platform well. It was found out by the top SEO Agencies that on an average, US adults use Facebook for 22 minutes a day. The majority of the audience on Facebook are using mobile apps.

#3. Facebook is the top place to consume the news. People seek news and the branded content here and such publications get the good response too. Sponsored content is getting a huge success on the social platform. These content do not appear as ads so, people are more acceptable to it.

In the favor of Snapchat


#1. Snapchat is gaining popularity among the Youth. The appeal of the unique platform is attracting the attention of the young customers. The 60% audience of Snapchat are the people aged between 13 to 24 years. The Facebook started as the youth’s hangout but the trendsetters have moved on and the older generation seems to be using it. 

#2. The snaps last only for 24 hours and after that, they are lost for forever. As such Snapchat gets the regular visitors who fear to miss out some important update from friends or brands. The Facebook fails to create that fear of missing out in the audience, hence the visits are not as regular as it should be.

#3. The Facebook is crowded and you cannot reach to the audience without spending money while on Snapchat, you can still catch the audience in an absolutely clutter free environment. Snapchat supports the vertical videos and the snaps give you the power to do things in the flow of the moment. Snapchat lenses are making the whole thing even more likable.

So, this is quite evident that both the platforms are necessary to run a successful social campaign. You cannot accomplish the mission by selecting one over another. A perfect blend of both is the required solution for you. The top SEO companies say that getting consistent engagement and pleasing the audience are the top of the list for any brand and both the platforms can achieve that working in a combination.

What do you think? Please write your views in the comment section below.

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