What is an editorial calendar?what is the need for editorial calendar?


What is an editorial calendar?what is the need for editorial calendar?

Blogging is fun and it is the most effective way to provide value content to the customers to drive more traffic for the website and have better ranking on search engine.

But to maintain the constant flow of content is daunting task. Professional from content industry uses editorial calendars to manage the content well and produce them at the planned time.

What is an editorial calendar?

Editorial calendar is more like a SEO calendar where in we plan ahead the activity we want to undertake to reach the desired goal for generating traffic. Likewise editorial calendar is a plan that we do on paper ahead of the task.

Editorial calendar varies from company to company. It may vary on complexity but the main aspect should be  that it should work for the team members. A document that shows information that can help in smooth movement of articles and a history to look back at what has been already done.

The spreadsheet for an editorial calendar include:

  • Due date for article

  • Article title

  • Category

  • Publish date

  • Author

  • Goal /call to action

  • notes

Let us discuss in detail about each part of the calendar, to know why we need them

Due date: It is always better to work a few week in advance. If you are working for a post make sure to get it ready a week prior to the due date.

Article title: Writing an attractive article is an art in itself. We recommend you to write title of the post at the beginning itself so that while writing the post you can always be on track and does not get diverted. 

Article details:  a brief overview of what you are writing so that you refer to it later and plan for the next.

Publish date: if you are using CMS platforms like  Wordpress,Drupal or others, they give you a advantage to post in advance and pre schedule publishing date and time. This feature is really convenient in keeping a smooth flow of publishing even when you are not present.

Category: setting categories gives a well scheduled startup place for the beginning of the calendar. If your business has various dimensions,you can divide them into categories and write them on a rotation basis in every week. 

Author: This category makes sense when there are more than one contributors for the post. Listing contributors makes it easy for recognising who is contributing and what. 

 Goals: This is more convenient for marketers who want to keep the focus in tack behind using such quality content. It tells what the readers should do for the business. It is very important to be clear about what you expect to achieve, this will help you later in accessing the success rate. 


Why do we need it?

The most simplest answer is to make this complicated life a bit easier for us. It trys to keep you focused on your goals and target the set goal. It also helps to generate traffic and grow online presence but it needs purpose. It is helpful to clear the writers block that is usually faced by writers.


So,what are you waiting for?

Make a plan

Start writing and publish

Bingo! You have started your content marketing.

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