What if Content Writers Were Graphic Designers Too?


What if Content Writers Were Graphic Designers Too?

I wrote a content. It was a news.

It needed to be published ASAP but since the graphic designer was not free, it got delayed.

I could not publish it without the attention-grabbing images, so it almost felt like helplessness. I was sitting and wondering, what if the content writers knew the basics of designing too? What if they could write, design and then publish?

Isn’t the idea intriguing?

Well, let us imagine the future where all the content writers know to design too.

#1. There would be no delay in content publishing

The graphic designers are probably the busiest personalities of an SEO Company, says Chicago SEO services.

Since the importance of visuals is increasing, the designers are becoming more valuable.

I just told you what happens when you do not know the basics of design. You have to depend on another person. If the content writers know to design, they would just create images on their own. No content would be on hold because of the busy and popular graphic designers of the SEO office. You just have to think what you want for the content and done.

#2. The design would be exactly what intended, no confusion

Many a time, the design is not what the content writers want. This may be because of the communication gap but the things just do not work out. As such, there is always a tension between the writer and the designer. If the writers were the designers too, they would implement their vision in the images with the perfection. There would be no one to blame for the wrong design. There will no editing, review, editing again. The things would become perfect at one go.

#3. The content writers would get some additional incentives too

Additional skills mean more money. When content writers would do the work of the designers too, they will get to earn more money. Do not think that they will replace the designers, there will always be the need of the graphic designers for the web design. The writers are just doing the basic photoshop and design that can get the content going without delays.

#4. The old designs could be optimized and reused

When there is no time to create a new image or when the old image is relevant to the content, you have to depend again; on the graphic designers. The content publishing would become fast and easy if the content writers would just know to give new dimensions to the old image. There will be no overload of the same kind of images made by different designers.

#5. A better content representation

All the designing skills would help to create a design that does justice with the content. The social media is all about the visuals and when the writers are designers too, they will just represent the social media better. The content is better and so will be the participation of the audience. The writers of SEO Company Dallas say that the visuals are outweighing the text content on social media. As such, to catch up fast, writers need to take the next step.

Well, maybe I am thinking too much but it is not wrong. As per the famous saying, too many cooks spoil the broth. So, it is better that the content responsibility resides in the hands of as few people as possible. There are many advantages of being a content writer-cum-graphic designer.  If not design, every content writer should learn the basic photo editing.

A skill learnt is never wasted. The designing is what I am going to learn soon. What do you think? Isn’t it great to design being a content writer? Write your views below in the comment box.

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