What are SEO transitions and how to counter them?


What are SEO transitions and how to counter them?

Continuous updates by Google on its search algorithms often give web marketers a hard time. They can’t rely on a set pattern for Site optimization as the performance metrics change quite consistently. Over the course of time, there have been some worthwhile changes in SEO which have led to certain transitions in conventional techniques. In today’s blog we’ll take a look at those transitions which according to top 10 SEO companies in Nashville are on the verge of SEO dominance and complete user acknowledgement. Additionally, some simple methods frequently advised by best SEO companies in Portland to hustle your way through these transitions and ensure better ranks.

It’s not just SEO anymore

To add to your surprise, SEO has now become content driven. yeah! that’s true. As I was telling, conventional techniques are no longer in the vogue. Gone are the times which valued content way lower and focused on the other faceds. High assembling content is hugely in demand and provides sites with higher conversion rates and better readership. User these days often look for content which is precise, captivating, compelling and fulfilling.

Ways to counter it:

  • Provide users with data. Web marketers which frequently deal in stats and surveys often hold back on serving their users with numbers just for the sake of content slenderness. If you are amongst them, I sincerely suggest you to inlay the content with useful data and numbers. Furthermore, inserting certain infographics like images, videos, ppts etc. could prove really fruitful. 

  • Try and scatter your SERPs footprints all over the place. Yes, I am talking about interlinking and link building because it plays a very critical role in steering the Internet traffic. stuffing content with appropriate back links and associate site links will help you augment your brand.

Mobile mania

With an almost exponential rise in the no. of mobile users in the last decade the websites have wisely chose to shift their attention on mobiles now. Mobile platforms are the premier priority of every web marketer.

Ways to counter it:

  • It is very important how you develop your website i.e., most of the websites are mobile phone compatible but the backdrop of every site is an old desktop version which makes it look dull and repulsive. Avoid it.

  • According to SEO companies in San Jose, websites with lower mobile browsing speeds are far unlikely to be visited by users so boost up your website speed. Try and get rid of spammy content or anything which loops you back.

Time to get Hyperlocal

Ever since the advent of Google pigeon, local searches have inflated extensively giving rise to an institution based on geographical proximities. What used to be a region specific search has now shrunk to a real time street vision search. 

 Ways to counter it:

  • How often have we seen people searching for places to eat in their locality or even few blocks away on Google. This is nothing but an extension of hyperlocal searching and to nail it you need to promote yourself. Do not hold back on mentioning your address and origin on whichever platform you function. A wise marketing strategy can be adopted here, which involves influential interaction with local users on social media.

Just say it!   

Just to make the search all the more convenient voice commands have taken over the regular text based search.

Ways to counter it:

  • Most of the voice searches are intended interrogation and users often go for ‘how to’, ‘when is’, ‘what are’, ‘where is’ etc. which is quite coherent. Use this fact to your advantage and map the appropriate content with these tags. This will render you with ample amount of traffic and consequently improving the rank .

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