Social media is a blessing in disguise for the online marketers. It has opened arena of vast opportunity for online business. Today marketers can target their customers through simple and relatively cheaper social networking platforms. Social media platforms helps the marketers to gain the insight of the targeted customers preference, increase the brand awareness and loyalty,provides rich customers experience and many more. The biggest advantage that online business gets is the rate of conversions that are quite high in social media marketing.

Of Course advantage cannot be gained only by presence in the social media. There are easy strategies that can be implemented by marketers.

Social media platform like Facebook and instagram already has a lot of marketing presence but twitter is still underrated by many.

Twitter is a micro blogging site and people turn to twitter to get latest information unlike the other social media platforms. Since people coming on twitter are in need of information, it can be a best place to project the brand message. Infact there can be already people who must have been searching for you on twitter and you are still skeptical about it.

Let’s see some of the tips that can be used to earn benefit by twitter:

1. Optimizing the Twitter bio

The first step is to convey about the company. Your followers should know what is the company all about and also add link of the website page or a landing page that briefs them over the same. According to few seo company in atlanta, the biggest way to establish a bond on social media is to maintain the voice of the message that are conveyed on the behalf of the company. People should connect to the brand as an individual regardless of any social media platform presence. They should feel that they have encountered the same person(brand) on twitter as they had on facebook. This strategy helps to build consistency and a trust on the brand.

2. Following people on Twitter

When you follow somebody on twitter means that you connect to get their information that they share. While following people on twitter, rules that are made by the platform should be kept in mind. In general from the business point of view, people you have to follow include your customers, suppliers, competitors etc. The more you follow, the more tedious it becomes to monitor the tweets. To avoid losing valuable tweets, you can use feature like twitter list to group people you follow. These list will help to monitor tweets easily.

3. Tweet on regular basis

Experts recommend that tweeting regularly makes the account active in the retention of the followers but the tweets are to be meaningful otherwise people would not be interested to look into it. Remember importance of content is still relevant in twitter as well.

4. Asking people to retweet

There is no harm in asking people to retweet the content or mention the tweet, if it proves beneficial to them. Asking people to tweet will increase the exposure of the brand among the followers of the other group as well.

5. Authority and influence

When you earn a strong dedicated base of followers on twitter, it will definitely increase the authority of the brand and influence the buying behaviour.

6. Understanding the market

Twitter analytics helps to get an insight of the preference of the followers and the content that has turned maximum engagement.

Twitter can also be used to know about the needs of your targeted customers as what content are engaging them, which are the content they are sharing etc. these information helps in curating content in the future to attract lead.

7. Communicating with the target customers

Twitter can be used to reach potential customers by interacting with them. Asking them to comment on the feedback given by you and also encourage them to connect on other social media handles as well.

I hope these tips can benefit your business through twitter presence. Happy twitting!

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