Understanding Podcast and its functionality!


Understanding Podcast and its functionality!

Evolution is unstoppable. Each incoming new thing steals the thunder of the existing thing and set a new benchmark, but at times rewinding the clock brings the rotten things to life and results in revelation. Consider the marketing channels, social media, email, webinars, and others. Now all the channels are congested, every other company starts their venture at them and the results are not always frutious. To have a resounding marketing strategy you would have to stand out from the crowd. Reckon what podcasting can do! Do not be baffled that it started in the 2000s and then extinguished from the stage. That was the past and podcasts are creating a present of their own. 

You can deploy the Best Seo Company In las vegas but that will not bring the spikes in demography because others would have hired the best los angeles seo company. See, the chasm here is meager, that would not let you stand out. To stand out you need to create something the way Jerry Buss built the Showtime Lakers or the way Manchester United weaved their marketing strategy, all the way unique. Podcasting is still new, it is in its infancy, if you want to fetch the most of marketing, you should make the most of it. 

To quell the dubious thoughts, look at the facts that are making podcast an imperious channel to market.


The surge in popularity of podcasts has personified why podcast is the present and foreseeable future. Reports have registered that almost 38% of people are listening to the podcasts once, out of them 22% are reported doing so once a month and 13% are listening week in week out. With the time, the growth of them is one thing to reckon over. Moreover, the reported Americans have doubled the number of tuning into podcast since 2013. 

What Listeners Want?

Products and services are on the spot. People are tuning and so the advertisers. Podcasting is a channel which would propose the opportunity to promote things like never before. People cannot see the host, but once they get accustomed to the host they would probably search them and would end up on the website. The belief of the product or the service promoted by the host would also relate to the people and the purchases will certainly rise up. And people would start believing that the host itself is the user of the product or the services promoted on the show. Hence, the pre-recorded ads are not as productive as the announcements made by the host. But whatever you can say it is, it is surely bringing the bucks! What else matters?

Few studies have shown that respondents to the podcasts are precisely the ones that are targeted by the companies. The relevancy and engagement are not the issues here, you would probably find the ones you are looking for. The young, highly educated, and high earners.

So yes, listeners want products and services, but make sure your podcast should not sound like an advertisement. 

Successful Brands?

20 minutes of a commercial are too much, you cannot expect anyone to tune in and listen to 20 minutes of just a commercial. You would need to build something commercials around something. The business podcast that toppled the chart on iTunes was Open The Business, it was composed by the auction company Gimlet Creative with the collaboration of eBay. 

On paper, the similarities between eBay and Open The Business are not opaque. The podcast is all about setting a business, the process of hiring, and all the essential components of the business. The stories were woven in the way that all the small businesses found success on eBay. Hence, the services of eBay were highlighted, the endorsement, and the link between listener and host. 

That is just one example, there are many others, dig if you will in The Message. The podcast series has got almost 5 Million subscribers. 

But before getting hyped up, the better way is to have an idea that podcast is still not completely developed. 


It is indeed high time for podcasts but the development has not yet saturated. The very first thing is the measuring of parameters on the podcast. So far the only ways to measure the success of any podcast is by checking the number of downloads and subscribers. The ability to provide the in-depth information is still elusive on the podcasts. You cannot determine the length played by a person. 

The hassle here is you cannot measure the breakthrough. Number of downloads do not coincide with the subscribers every time. Weekly basis, the host cannot fetch the number of people tuned into the podcast. The incoming of the people and outgoing of a particular person cannot be determined, neither you can check out how many have returned after being informed on the new episode. 

If you are expecting the deep insight information on the channel like from other channels, that would not happen. The Apple’s podcast application is not able to provide the statistics and analytics. 


You can complete the quality check on the above-mentioned podcasts or you better leap on the podcasters of your particular industry. You will see that the quality is not compromised at any front. Few things are clear on podcast, you want people to tune in for almost 20 minutes every week, you got to present the unmatchable quality because the competition and demand on this channel are palpable. The content should be remarkable and the speakers should not diverge from the message and the engagement on the podcast should not be compromised, remember that. The consistency is another thing to mull over. Whenever you are planning to launch your podcast make sure you have stock of at least 3 so that you are ahead of your schedule if anything goes wrong. 

Your commitment to the quality and consistency would be tested week in week out, there is no place for complacency. The listeners that would tunein would not do so with vague interest, your podcast should also not have any kind of vague content. Frequency of the podcast should be suitable not just to you. It should be on the length of each episode and the numbers that are tuning-in and downloads. Even the bigger companies are not able to handle to such levels. The time given on the podcast and the time taken to produce the content could be hectic to all the people involved. 

Podcast is an opportunity for small-scale and medium-scale businesses to establish themselves in the market. The businesses can spread the wisdom they have and the way they have struggled to make the profits in the market. The word on the podcast would spread like the forest fire, and it will bring all the things you can ask for. Traffic, sales, recognition, even the likes of Memphis seo would be overwhelmed by it. The high-quality content would leave the listeners to share and they would keep on coming back to get the next episode. The engagement of the listeners would not take much time to push them on the fronts where they can be vital for the actions they have learned from the episode. 

Podcasting is an opportunity, the sooner you would start it the sooner you would reap the benefits. Combining the technology it can be said that in the past it was not enough for the podcasts to make a mark in the market. Not that the smartphones are combined with the high-quality podcast applications, it is safe to say that podcast is the present and future of the marketing.

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