Top 9 Ways To Improve Your Reputation Build Up Strategy For Better Success


Top 9 Ways To Improve Your Reputation Build Up Strategy For Better Success

Who does not want to earn a great reputation among people?

Well, the answer is obvious but reaching to that obvious result is not so easy!

In order to grow ahead and stay in competition, it is very important to create a strategy to build up a strong reputation. When it comes to online business reputation, there are several factors which creates a difference. You can consider it as an ever evolving mix up of various comments, reviews, blogs and much more!

For making it big in the industry, it is important have a proactive approach in order to improve online reputation. How?

Let us discuss 12 important tips to make business build a strong reputation:

1. Upgrade your trustpilot account

Trustpilot is an important component to give consumers a confidence . it is quite common to see marketers building several trustpilot reviews for their business. But is there a full utilization of trustpilot account?

Las Vegas SEO company professionals suggest that upgrading the trustpilot account from free to paid can create a lot of difference as the paid version has many useful personalized features to get more ratings and reviews.

A paid trustpilot feature includes:

  • Personalized email address for the senders

  • Customizable reviews invitations to your customers

  • Rich snippet star rating in trustbox

  • Optimizing the trustbox

  • Imported product reviews

The paid features of trustpilot can create a huge impact on the overall brand reputation of your site. It is the reviews and ratings which provides a sense of confidence to consumers for buying anything especially online.

2. Getting backlinks from high authoritative sites

Getting links from highly authoritative sites provides a recommendation signal to consumers which brings better confidence within consumers. For example, if people some articles in a reputive magazine like Forbes, it is understood by people that the journalist has done its due research, which in a way means a confidence signal for consumers.

For getting highly relevant backlinks from authoritative site, consultant from best SEO company in Kansas suggest that in order to get these authoritative links it is important to implement strong link building strategy. Create a great reputation building backlinks consider creating a very shareable content.

3. Have a “featured in” logo section

In order to bring confidence about your site in the mind of the customers, you can consider showing high authority publications where your products and services has been featured. This featured section mentioned on the homepage of your site creates a significant effect in order to build a strong reputation. The “featured in” is comparatively an easy strategy to implement, once you earn three or more high quality publications.

You can also consider using press release strategy for developing good quality features in publication. Use PR tools in order to launch a press release for your brand. This press release can later be picked by authoritative sites. You can consider creating a press release on new employees position. New product launch, charity work etc.

4. Get the quote from everywhere possible

Having made your CEO or managers quotes in several reputed publication tends to build reputation and also help in link building as well. These quotes are a great link builder as each quote is accompanied by link back to the expert.

But how to get quoted?

Simply, use Help A Reporter Out to carry forward this task. You can simply sign up for a free account  as a “source” and fill all informations and choose the industry for which you can add insight.

This tool is highly effective in establishing a reputation as an authority in your niche. Additionally, you will be getting quality backlinks to your website. You can also use social media to bring awareness and instil trust in the mind of the followers.

5. Facebook video ads

Video has been the most trending and easiest way to make people consume any information in the most easiest way. 90% users believe that videos are part of a decision making process as well. Several studies has also proved that videos on social media are shared twice or thrice more than text content. Thus, videos are highly shareable and easily consumable which makes it an ideal option for building of good reputation.

It is generally noticed that Facebook video ads are among best performers in social media grounds but why only facebook ads?

The answer is, facebook ads videos are great in bringing engagement and also brings a personal touch for consumer wants. With video content, you can easily show your social media audience that you are real,knowledgeable and highlight your brand value and benefits.

6. Youtube videos

Youtube is a social media site which is dedicated to videos and videos only! Most of the other platforms videos comes from Youtube, thus making it a good tool for building a strong reputation strategy. 

Youtube is also considered as the second largest search engine in the world and you prepare to highlight your brand authority and expertise via youtube very easily.

If you want to earn a high reputation and become a thought leader in the industry then Youtube can be a valuable platform. You can also make subscription base to remarket.

7. Make association with social media influencer

Boosting reputation by the recommendation of influencers can attract a strong customer base and bring trust quotient as well. Thus, social media influencers are a great asset to add in your reputation strategy. Studies predict that 74% of people rely on social media to make purchase decision. Approx 40% of people make online purchase after looking at influencer use a product on social media.

Now, the question is where to find a social media influencer? 

There are few online platforms like FameBit, Tapinfluence, and Tracckr. These free platforms allow you to connect with influencers for a variety of industry. These platforms are free, it’s a good way to test the social media influencer across social media channel like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc.

8. Get more blogger reviews

Social media is a great place to utilize the influencers. If your brand is selling products, getting reviews from blogger help people follow and trust the brand through influencers and boost the brand reputation significantly.

For getting the products reviewed from trustworthy authoritative bloggers, you will have to make a pitch. This can be done by social media message, or through their email or contacts from the website.

Some of pitch tips for outreach:

  • Make your pitch short and simple

  • Highlight the product benefits

  • Explain why blogger’s  audience will like your product

  • Give bloggers your products for free

  • Let them know you have an influencer marketing budget.

9. Start a podcast

Podcast is a good way to build up a significant reputation. Podcast depicts the knowledge and can cover a lot of trending topic for which the customer wants information. 

You can create podcast for feeding valuable information to audience. Podcast is easily reachable for people even when they are travelling, driving, in the gym etc.

Creating a podcast helps the audience in situation where they cannot pay attention to text content. Creating a podcast is much easier than spending hours for developing a content post. Some of type of podcast include:

  • Interview

  • Solo podcast

  • Two or more hosts

  • Narrative podcast

  • Or a combination of all.

However, for creating an ideal podcast you will be needing a different hosting platform.


Your online reputation is a very essential factor for growth and success of the brand. Without a reputation online, consumer will easily turn to your competitors. These top 9 tips stated above can easily helps in improving reputation strategy and make your brand shine when consumers starts with decision making process before preparing to buy from you

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