Top 6 SEO Tips to Rank in Google


Top 6 SEO Tips to Rank in Google

Have you ever wondered why so many working parts exist in airplanes but they rarely ever crash from mechanical failure? That is because before pilots take off, they perform an extensive checklist to make sure that everything is working like it is supposed to. Entrepreneurs who hope for strong SEO rankings would want to take a lesson here. They can create a checklist for themselves to make sure if everything is working fine or not. Sure, it won't protect you from crashing and burning, but it will ensure that you rank high in Google results.

Before you publish the next content, make sure to run it through the following points to check if it will get you a better ranking:

Good keywords

The first step seems obvious, but many fail to do the same. Simply pick up the terms or phrases that you want your post to show up for. If you are writing about the best dog toys for big dogs for example, then you should Google Keyword Planner to show an estimate for any search phrase. You can build your content around the terms that have the most monthly searches of all terms.

Research Competition

If you want to see your competition, just go to incognito mode for Google Chrome and search for the term that you wish to compete for. This is so that Google does not use your past searches to come up with the results. Ignoring the ad results, take a look at the competitors you will be fighting against.

Best content

Now that you are aware of what the competition looks like, you should create content that is better and more optimized than your competition has. This is perhaps the most important yet the most difficult part of the checklist that needs to have time invested on it. It doesn't matter if you are creating a blog post, an ecommerce store page, or a sales landing page- it needs to be better than the rest or else it won’t be noticed by Google or your audience. 

Keywords on page title

Many seo services in Kolkata have claimed that the page title must contain the keyword even if it is not exact. Additionally, the title should be interesting enough to make people to want to click on it. 

Keyword in header

You can organise web pages by having a large title at the top followed by several sub-headers throughout the page. This organisation is not only helpful in skimming blog post articles but also helping Google know what your blog post is about. Thus, you should be sure to use the exact keyword phrase in your subheader. 

Use the keyword in URL and in the post

A reputed seo company in Noida says that a way for Google to determine what your blog is about is the URL. Instead of it being a random number, you should make it in such a manner that the keywords you have chosen show up on the URL.

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