Top 5 Customer Activation Emails To Add To Your Marketing Funnel


Top 5 Customer Activation Emails To Add To Your Marketing Funnel

Being a part of the digital marketing industry, you must have come across the term ‘Marketing Funnels’. Hey, do not compare it with the funnels that are used in kitchens. The marketing funnel is a term used to describe the journey of a visitor from his initial step of visiting your website to the point he reaches his destination by becoming a paying customer. When a funnel is clearly defined you can use it effectively to optimize each lead’s journey to maximise the chances of them to become paying customers. 

The marketing funnel of a brand is segmented on the basis of six key factors. These factors are: a) Awareness, b) Interest, c) Consideration, d) Intent, e) Evaluation, and f) Purchase. While segmenting the marketing funnel, that your marketing strategy should result in increasing the number of coal leads entering your funnel and decreasing the chances or number of leads to make an exit without converting. Ensure that you effectively maintain the engagement among your leads so that they can reach until the end. The best way to maintain engagement and drive leads till the end of the funnel is to make effective use of customer activation emails.

According to the marketing experts of the best SEO company Leeds, you can send activation emails to your leads with any of the below-mentioned purposes: 

  • Initial Indoctrination

Indoctrination means to teach someone or make them aware of something. Here, initial indoctrination refers to the first step that a brand takes to make prospective leads aware about itself. The new leads are allowed to get familiar with the brand and also these brands educate them about their working, products and service etc. This first phase is not meant to force people to buy your products, but in reality, this is an opportunity to build trust and establish a relationship with each lead coming to your website. 

  • Engagement

Once your leads get familiar with your brand, it becomes an asset for you that you cannot even think to lose. Now, you are the core point where engagement matters a lot. Therefore, make sure that you strengthen the relationship with your leads by sending them valuable, relevant, high-quality and influencing content related to your business. To build a rapport of your business make sure that you offer unique content to your leads. The content should be engaging enough to influence their purchasing decisions. The content like this includes case studies, webinars, videos, infographics and other such related content. 

  • Conversion

This step is meant to influence the decision of your target audience. Once your leads are engaged with your brand, they are now aware of the value of the products and services offered by your brand. Now, it’s your turn to encourage your leads to buy products or avail services. Tell them about the benefits they get after using the products or services or provide them with an discount offer on their first purchase. Do whatever you can do to make them buy from your brand. Promotional discounts via email serve best in converting target leads into buyers. 

  • Re-engagement

Re-engagement is the phase similar to the engagement but the basic difference is that during engagement you were targeting leads but now in re-engagement phase, you’ll target customers. Consider segmenting your emails according to the interest of consumers so that they become more personal. If a customer has done with buying a product make sure that you send them re-engagement emails to maintain their engagement. 

  • Advocacy

Consider converting your regular customers into a brand advocate. It means that when a person gets connected to a brand emotionally he do not remain a customer anymore, he becomes the brand advocate. 

These are the people who help a brand to promote itself among their groups and known contacts. The people having positive relations will help you drive more users i.e. leads to your brand, says Leeds SEO experts.

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