Top 3 Actionable Google Analytics Tips For Generating Better Traffic And Ranking


Top 3 Actionable Google Analytics Tips For Generating Better Traffic And Ranking

Getting high traffic is the sole for any successful online website. Almost every business wish they should have high traffic diverted towards their website. But wishing to have high traffic cannot bring result, you will have to work to get the one.

Google analytics gives a huge amount of data that can be used to enhance the organic traffic and rankings. Keep in mind that any significant result cannot be obtained over night despite having any amount of important insight. But your result can be much more sustainable.

Nashville SEO experts holds the opinion that Google analytics is capable to provide enormous data but navigating through this complex platform and getting all the basics metrics right can bring success.

In this post, we discuss about the details to explain Google analytics insight and how it can be implemented straight from website to search visibility.

Let us begin with discussion:

1. Get the Google analytics report emailed to you

Email is one of the easiest way to dig into the data details by using very less time. The question is, how to know to set up Google analytics email report?

If you learn simple tricks, it will help in saving a tons of time. This way you will much ahead of competitors that spend much time walking through analytics for insight. You can spend the remaining time working instead.

Experts in SEO company New York suggest that one of the challenge that business face with Google analytics helps in exacting timely data. The truth is the ability to easily understand the helpful data can help in getting better insight on website and increases conversion.

The information provided by Google analytics is too much information, you need to able to get snippets of top reports in you email. This can be done when you set up by the right way. Email reports in right place, you will not have to continuously browse analytics for longer hours to find information which will help in creating custom report and get increased organic visibility.

2. Optimizing and improving paths by your website

Homepage is the focal point of the website and it should be connected with internal page. Therefore, marketers should not deliberately consider the layout and experience that it provides to its users. When a website is redesigned, make sure that the mapping should be made very clear. This is highly important for determining the look of the website and its functionality.

From the homepage, users can easily navigate to other pages on your website.

Google analytics shows some really significant result. When you view most popular pages and landing pages within a website, it can be easily noticed. In most of the cases, there are many pages other than homepage that gets the most traffic. 

This is applicable regardless the size of the website. If you have blogs in your website and it is updated most frequently then chances it would increase 30% of incoming traffic from the homepage and rest it comes from internal page targeting long tailed keywords that helps in generating traffic from informational and conversational from search queries.

3. Leverage “low hanging fruit” pages to enhance search performance

Do you have the knowledge about the search term which is bringing traffic for you? Use Google analytics to find the “queries report” in your Google analytics account. Follow  the path of:

acquisition>search console. 

If the your email is alert is set accurately, you can get easily top queries in your inbox. However, if you intend to get low hanging fruit  queries, you will have do it manually. Google has stopped passing referral data to website owners therefore, if you are a Google adwords’ advertiser, you can find the data in the dashboard.

It is because of the hidden pages which is rarely seen, research estimate that 75% Google user don’t bother to click beyond the first page. For better results marketer should consider finding these pages and improve them to rank on first page where 96% of Google traffic prefer to get answer.

Some of the ways to improve these pages:

  • Decrease the page loading time: Google often regards website speed very seriously. Users will not waste time waiting for your website to load.

  • Adding more words and value to the page: if your underperforming pages which is less than 2,000 words adding more words that provide value increases search ranking and traffic.

  • Make the page mobile responsive: if you think that website visitors are all coming from desktop computer then you are wrong. Google analytics can show you how much traffic you are getting from mobile channel. Therefore, it is highly important to make your page mobile friendly and responsible as it can increase your ranking and traffic.


Google analytics is the surest success for discovering priceless data which can be boosted for organic ranking in Google. You will have to approach a very holistic and data driven approach while leveraging compelling content on website to gain more attention and attract more qualified lead and boost more ranking and grow your sales.

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