The Truth About the in-app Purchases


The Truth About the in-app Purchases

How many games have you downloaded till now and how many deleted?

How many are you playing currently?

It has been observed that given a time of five minutes, people like to play games on their smartphones. As our affinity towards the apps and games is increasing, we are not readily acceptable to the in-app purchases. Only a small fraction of the app users are spending in the in-app purchases. At the same time, who are spending in these are really going overboard.

SEO Dublin quoted one observation from the report from AppsFlyer, only 5.2% of the app users are making the in-app purchases.

That is a very small number compared to all the apps that we have on our phones and we interact with them daily. The in-app purchases give some additional features to the users that make the app experience bigger and better. The purchase may include some booster to play the game well, additional lives, game currency or merchandise.

It is expected that the in-app purchase revenue is going to grow from $14 billion to $37 billion by the end of the next year. The Appsflyer surveyed 100 million mobile app users and more than 1,000 apps that are very popular among these app users. Let us look at the results.

#1. Asian users are spending 40% more on the in-app purchases as compared to other users globally. It has been estimated that $0.70 is being spent on per app per user. The Asia is followed by the North America where this average is $0.61 per month per app per user. The users in Europe are investing the least in these purchases. The Asian users are making 85% higher ($12.92) average purchase as compared to the global users($7.00).

It is assumed that the Asian are spending money on the apps because they trust them and they rely upon that the upgrade is going to help them a lot. Some people also think that this is because the Asian lifestyle is greatly dependent on the mobiles and as such, they will do anything to make that experience better.

The Asian app users have always been ahead in the terms of technology use, they trust their phones and apps so much that they are comfortable in making payments from it. These numbers are making the marketers think that Asia is a market that they need to focus on. There is a high scope of performance of their apps in the Asian market.

#2. The iOS users are spending 2.5 times more than the Android users. The Android users are spending $6.19 on these purchases in an average while the iOS users averaged $12.77. It is a noteworthy point that 4.6% of the Android users are making at least one purchase per month while for the iOS users, this percentage is 7.1%. This is about the frequency of purchase, now talking about the expenditure. The iOS users are likely to spend 50% more on the in-app purchases as compared to the Android users.

In China, iOS users making the purchases are prominent while in other Asian countries, Android users and purchasers are dominating.

#3. Shopping apps are beating the games in terms of in-app purchases

12% of the online shopping app users are making an in-app purchases as compared to the 3% game players. Not only shoppers are purchasing more, they are also spending more in these purchases. A gamer on an average is spending $0.32 while a shopper is contributing $2.68.

As a marketer, you should be focusing on the type of your app and the experience that it is supposed to provide the users. The purchasers are making savvy decisions, they are investing in the apps which are actually useful to them. If the app is worth it, they are more than happy to open their wallets but if it just another app, it is to be deleted after some time. So you have to ensure that your apps are optimized according to the choices of your audience. It should interest them, engage them and make them spend even if the app is free to download.

One of the best SEO Company suggested that you should make the payment methods flawless so that they will not step back because of the faulty payments or any glitch while proceeding. Do not let the users bounce off.

If you want to say something and you have ideas to increase the in-app purchases, please comment below.

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