The power of headline: how can you design your blog headline to bring traffic?


The power of headline: how can you design your blog headline to bring traffic?

Content marketing itself is a very powerful element of digital marketing in itself. It is done to attract qualified traffic to your website. Despite have immense potential of content and marketing, marketers fails to impress people and bring them to their website. At times the writers are great but they fail miserable because they underrate the most important part of their content which is headline.

If we consider internet as a vast ocean of information and waves as websites. There are millions of waves in an ocean, similarly there are millions of website which make people highly confused. They keep on searching for things they need and most of the time they don’t find it.

Getting a well thought headline for your content can make people click on them and solve their issues. Headline act as a driving force for people for clicking on it in search results. Headlines also act in a way that it generate lead for your website.

If you are a content marketer, make sure to give keen importance to headline generation. How?

Follow these simple tips to generate appeal for audiences and search engines.

Let us dig in:

  • Use keywords

 Consultants from best SEO company in kansas suggest that headline should be made in a way that can be easily found. Including keyword in the headline will make it more easy to be found by targeted audiences. Apart from this major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc give strong emphasis on content and content type that include valuable keywords. 

While keyword holds major advantage, over usage of keyword can also similarly destroy the process.

When it comes to blog posting, the content should be created based on the context of the blog.

If in any chances it does not be context chances are, your content will be buried inside your website forever and would never be found.

  • Use the power of emotion

Generally 8 out of 10 people read headline but only 2 of them move further for reading. For each content marketer, the chance of attracting people is just once, therefore, it should used to the fullest.  Experts from Houston SEO service recommends to use some common, uncommon, emotional or powerful words in the headline to make it irresistible for users to give the content a miss!

Phrases like “what happens when” or “you need to” etc are extremely compelling for people to read the article thoroughly.

  • Make the content clear without chitbit

Content marketing needs a lot of patience and consistent effort. This kind of effort should not be ruined by misleading people with a headline for which the content is absolutely unsuitable.

Always make sure to create a headline which is crisp and speak a volume about what your article is all about. Headlines that clearly depict a solution for people searching for it or give them insight about it, tend to be one which is highly accepted by people.

Unclear headline will make your visitors bounce out of your website. This will tarnish the reputation of your website and loss of ranking as well on search results.

  • Knowing the audience

The trick is to understand the audience and make sure to provide things which they expect to achieve. A good headline is the one for which people feel it is highly valuable for them.

Getting knowledge about your targeted audience will help you decide on length, language, choice of words which rightly targets the mind of the audience.

  • Use number

Numbers provide clear indication about what to expect. This kind of expectation tend to provide benefit as people are more firm in their thinking while they are moving towards reading the content from the headline itself. Using number also give an indication to people about the length of the article they are about to read.

  • Using words that are captivating

Along with keywords, using ideal positive adjective can give a great result in terms of increase in engagement level. You can use words like free, easy, new etc, which generate high audience engagement level.

Another ways of using words is urgency. Use words that show urgency , explicitness etc. this kind of words tends to create a mental push within audience and they tend to converge.

  • Keep the headline short and crisp

Keeping the headline short makes it people to read it easily. Short headlines make the chances of getting found quiet easily. The easiest of keep the length intact for your headline is consider getting your email in your mind. Your headline should never go beyond the capacity of your email subject line. In case you share your article among your subscribers, a long headline in the email would partially show recipient the headline which will reduce the click rate.


Blogging arena is highly competitive. The power of content has a huge impact on the ranking of the website, therefore, it is very important for marketer to generate content that speaks for its audience. The above mentioned tips on generating a great headline is highly important in terms of content generation. Stick to them and let us know your experience!

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