The battle between Small and Large Websites in SEO



The battle between Small and Large Websites in SEO

When it comes to SEO, it may be very difficult for the small business to compete with the large companies in the SERPs. However, running a small business has its own advantages over the large ones that can make a significant difference in your Search Engine Optimization. There is an ongoing battle between the small ventures and the big ventures for the top spot in the SERPs. However, both have their own advantages over each other, but the big players seem to have an edge over the small ones. 

So, through this article we will try to have a look at the different advantages of having a large website and a small website respectively. Also, we will share some ways through which the small business can give a tough fight to the bigger ones. 

Advantages of having a Big site-

This is obvious that the large websites will definitely have some large benefits too. Let’s have a look at the advantages which the big websites have including the best SEO firms in the world:

  • Domain Authority- The big sites tend to have high domain authority over the internet as compared to the smaller sites.
  • More number of associated links: The large sites have large audiences associated with them and as a result they have more quantity and diversity of links coming into them.
  • Trustworthiness: The big names in the digital market have earned the trust of their customers, which is quite difficult for the small business holders to achieve in a small span of time.

Advantages of having a Small site-

However, the small sites have their own advantages, let’s have a look at it:

  1. Creativity: Being a small business holder always gives you the freedom to expand the boundaries of what has been set. If you have got a new idea then you can work on it anytime, but in large sites you need a lot of approvals before you can start working on it.
  2. Focus: Having a small site allows to you streamline the domain you want to focus on. If you are a big online firm then you might have a long list of things to focus on, but as a small firm you can simply focus on the things which you might feel will add values to your production and can ignore the other things for a while.
  3. Niche Appeal: Having a small site will give you the best opportunity to develop your own unique niche. As a small unit, you generally do not have much thing to work on at the same time. So, you can dedicate your full time to become the master of one particular domain. The bigger sites cannot afford to follow this approach because they have a large audience of different interests to entertain.

Few ways which can help the small sites to compete with the bigger ones-

1. Aim the keywords the bigger sites are unwilling and unable to compete on- 

Keyword research is a really important thing to be conducted by every small site holder before creating any kind of content for their site. There are lot of keywords which are not used by the big names of internet. So, during your keyword research if you are able to find such set of keywords then it would give you a golden chance to boost up your performance very soon. Generally such keywords are the long tail keywords, comparison keywords and the editorial keywords. 

2. Look for authority and brand association in a very specific niche-

As a small business firm you can really narrow down your niche and focus on a specific target. This might work in the favour of small businesses because by following this approach they can make a huge impact in the local SEO, but the bigger companies do not have that advantage. 

3. Pursue indirect content-

It is obvious that each of the big firms provide direct content to the users. However, the small business can also go for the indirect content, this might take the visitor to have few visits on the site before the conversion, but indirect content will allow you to cover the deeper insights which the direct content might not provide at times. Moreover, this will lead to content creation in your own specific niche. 

So, these were few of the ways which allow the small sites to compete the bigger ones and stay in the game of SEO. These tips have helped the local SEO firms to provide the best rated SEO services to their clients. 

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