Tactics to Practice Safe SEO


Tactics to Practice Safe SEO

When it comes to SEO, updates are something that bring many SEO experts to unease because of what it means for them. The most minor update also brings in so much change in the industry that it is hard to deal with it at once. Pages get removed from indexing, canonicals end up being removed, pages get de-optimized with their title updates or H1s removed, navigation and critical links get removed, page ranks get stranded because redirects get broken, and many other effects that have not been foreseen. 

Keeping up with this is a stressful job because there are so many things that are beyond control. As a marketer you can neither control your competitors, nor can you control Google’s algorithm. 

This is where the concept of safe SEO comes into question. Safe SEO basically means putting a system in place that will explicitly tell you what is wrong with your antics so that you can correct them in time. This would save time from digging through piles of information. SEO company in Kolkata claims that if an SEO professional is bombarded with so much data to go through, then it is very likely that this would lead to the critical items being completely missed. In simple sentences, it would be a chaos. 

Catch Problems on Staging

Monitoring is an essential part of practicing safe SEO. it is considered ten times better if you can catch issues before the content goes online. Today, Google crawls so fast and indexes in the same time that it is best if you catch the issues before they go live. In such a case, it is better to provide a staging audit which compares production with the staging, taking the stress of updating the productions especially if they are major releases and migrations. 

What to test?

You should set up a team that covers items that are critical to SEO as well as changes that you should log. The changes include Robots.txt, redirect status, problems in canonicals, pagination, and alt media links, changes in titles: H1, H2, and meta description, changes in navigation, footer, or changes that have been made on Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc. 

It is true that search engine optimization is hard, frustrating and stressful work and its practitioners are bombarded with data from various tools and analytics. A reputed SEO company in Ludhiana says that using SEORadar can help you out a lot by simplifying the process and sending out the right email alerts, allowing the SEO professionals to make the right changes to it. This way the problem of unforeseen havocs can be completely avoided.

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