Small Scale Investments in Ecommerce SEO to win over huge competition


Small Scale Investments in Ecommerce SEO to win over huge competition

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role in the development of ecommerce websites. Your imperious presence on the internet is the only thing which would help you gain the leads and will help in driving the sales. 

See it this way, if you have a website and you have been posting products on it regularly but the search engines like Google and Bing were unaware of your presence then what would be the point of it? The reason you made an ecommerce website is to provide the products for the users and if you are not even able to show up on the search results pages, there is no way you can sell them and run your company. 

Now if you are wondering what can help you the most, then that is SEO!


SEO is the process by which any website can be optimized to be meritorious for the search engine. You will gain rankings which will bring the traffic and drive your sales. There are many things which are involved in it, right from the user experience and user interface to the keywords and site organization. 

The thing which users and search engines expect from the website: fascinating user experience which should be enticing. 

How would you decide that your site is enticing enough for the visitors and search engines as well? Your answer is nothing more than the SEO. SEO would check on the website and everything related to it. While it will bring the things which are ideal for the users and search engines you can do the other things which would take a little investment but bring more things to your website. 

Things that you can do to drive the conversions and SEO. 

They are:

  1. Rewriting weak product description
  2. Better photography
  3. Lookbooks and product collection
  4. Addition of product videos

Rewriting weak product description

Everything about the product should be on the product description. Product benefits, product quality, product details if the description is all packed and full of information people are more likely to trust the website and the product. 

  • Products are put to make the life easier of the buyer and you can list the features of it all day long but are these feature actually coinciding with the needs of the people, that is where your product description should focus on. 
  • Another thing which matters most is the language. Your product description should be speaking the same language as of customers. You need to communicate with the customers and the language would be crucial in that. Doing some reverse engineering on it would bring the things under the same shed. You just have to understand the language of the customers who have reviewed the product and have to use the same language to entice the new customers. 

Better photography

Presentation of the product matters most to the people. Good photos are not just for enticing the people, it is important as people can clearly see what they are purchasing and that would also reduce the returns of the products and would increase the trust of the user which often fails due to poor photography. 

There are things which you can do to take better photographs. 

  • DSLR : Smartphones are not going to make the cut, you cannot create the same photograph which you can take with a DSLR camera. 
  • Lightbox: You can build a lightbox which would be cheap and it would enhance the photography in the right way. 
  • Creative angles: Take photographs from creative angles, it will show the details of the products and will make it easier for people to see whole of the product. 

Lookbooks and product collection

Lookbooks are gateway to present how the product would compliment everything around it. It brings the wholesome spectrum of the product at the single place. You can take the pictures when the products are in use. 

Product collection is another thing which can be used. It brings the product straight in the action instead of covering the foreground of the white canvas. When people can see how the product can look when they are wearing it (if it is a wearable) or how good it will look in the space! 

Right away from a car interior to the office furniture, the products are more likely to get a buyer when they are in full exhibition. 

Addition of product videos

Addition of the videos is another complementary thing which would take less investment but will bring more returns. Videos are extremely handy in giving the description and making the products familiar to the people. They can visualize themselves using the product and they can relate more than the photographs. 

You can make the videos of product description and how the product can be of maximum use and you can either post the video describing the attributes of the product or unboxing of the product to increase more anticipation in the people.  

You can do all the things with relative ease and all of the things would increase the user experience which will again prove its hand in the SEO. You will gain ranking and you will be more potent in user engagement which will compel them and entice them to purchase the product from your website. 

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