SEO for Modern Customer Journey


SEO for Modern Customer Journey

Customer journey means path from idea of buying a product to actually buying it. In earlier times, the customer journey was not as complex as it is now. When people get to know that they need certain product, if their pocket allowed, they bought it and if not, they didn’t. So the journey becomes like: problem awareness => If product in budget = buy / otherwise = do not buy. As simple as that. But now it is way more complex. It goes like this: problem awareness => solution awareness => Solution comparison => Selecting the best=> buying => Making the most of it => referal/ review of experience.

The really important part of modern customer journey is solution comparison. Today, no buyer is satisfied by one product or one solution. They want the best, not average. And for this reason, the most of time is invested in product comparison and finding out the best available in the market. For such purpose, they go from site to site to compare the prices, read the reviews, discuss at various forums and QA platforms. When they are finally satisfied that majority of people are appreciating the product, then only they go for buying. And that is the opportunity for businesses to dive in. They need to be always one step ahead the customers and always be present there when they search for solution.

Now let us go through the whole customer journey step by step and decide how a business should act in that situation to grab more and more visits and conversions. So let us start from the process zero.

Step Zero: No Problem Awareness

Up until now, your potential customers do not have any problem or they are not aware of the problem. So when your customer do not know the problem, how can you target them? So does that mean you can not do anything in this period of time? NO...absolutely not. This the preparation time for you. It is actually very crucial and all your further strategies depend on it. It is the first step towards generating the loyal customers.

This is the time when you can formulate your content around the services you provide. If marketed properly, your content will be seen by a large number of audiences. Thus these visitors/audiences will like your content and bookmark you. So next time when they actually have a problem, they will think about you and visit you first hand. But be sure that you are getting the right kind of audiences, people that actually belong to your niche. People who will actually purchase from you in the time of need. You need to target those keywords that have close affinity with your brand and product type. Thus the visitors which you will get are absolutely the inquisitive one, that like to read about the products, the kind you are selling.

Next with the visitors you are getting, start growing your email list. Ask them to subscribe. Thus when you launch a new product or every now and then, you can email them and let them know that you still care and have solution to all of their problems.

Step One: Problem Awareness

Now, your future customers or present visitors know that they have a problem. And they are searching over the internet about that problem. They still do not know if the solution exists or not and how are you going to help them. The thing for you to do is observe people’s queries on your comment section or help section. Thus you can know exactly what problem needs to be targeted. Now formulate your content around that problem. Create landing pages addressing that problem.

Thus take the help from Top Local Seo Company  In Chicago to improve the visibility of your pages over the search engine. And that can be done by targeting the correct keywords. And those keywords should not be very hard to find. These are actually ‘broad terms’ associated with the questions of people or their problems. Take an example- you sell fitness equipments. And people have problem of obesity. They want to reduce the belly fat. Now what will be your keywords? They will be like this- belly fat reducing exercises, how to reduce belly fat, how to flatten my belly, how to get a flat belly, equipments for belly flattening. See... not very hard to find out.

So you have a pool of keywords. Go to your google analytics and adwords account and find out the competition and volume of traffic that those particular keywords are driving. Pick those which actually have potential to drive more traffic. Keep in mind one thing, the keyword should be closely associated with your business. Do not target highly successful keyword that has less affinity with your business. A closely bounded keyword, may be of less opportunity is the best option.

Step Two: Solution Awareness

So by visiting various sites, people know that appropriate solution for the problem exists. They just need it in front of their eyes. And simply what you have to do is- put the solution in front of their eyes. It is all about marketing. You need your content to be accessible. It should reach to a larger number of audiences.

When done with a world class marketing, you need to make your website visually good looking. Give it a professional (not boring) look, thus people will take your suggestions more seriously. Break free of any spammy links, do not leave any point untouched that may lead to bad reputation of yours. Connect all the solution (equipements) pages to the homepage, such that while visitors open your website, they can easily navigate to all the pages.

Step Three: Solution Comparison

As talked before, it is the most time consuming stop of customer purchase cycle. Customer spend the majority of time here. Because in the world of internet solution for each and every problem can be found. The only thing to decide is to go which way. For businesses, you need to rethink your strategy and include one more factor in the consideration i.e. competitor. While making comparison, your brand should come at top. You need to focus on the keywords your competitors are targeting. You should develop a better content. One strategy that can be implemented is targeting the brand name of your competitor. It is absolutely doable. You can write about ‘<competitor brand name> + alternative’ or ‘<competitor brand name> comparison’. Thus you can get traffic from both the keywords. Your brand name and your competitor’s brand name. Some sites directly compare the two sites and post on their site. This is a very direct approach and often offensive. In some countries it is illegal too. We do not suggest that, but if you want, you can go on that path.

Step Four: Buying

It is all about buying, still the least time taking. When users have decided that they will buy from you, how can you ensure that they return to your site. This step is all about providing great user experience. When users feel appreciated, they come back. For this, your site should be fast loading. It should be visually appealing. The payment options should be many and that too smooth. There should be no glitch between placing product in cart and check out. When payment does not go through the first time, the chances are users quit the idea of buying. Arrange for live chats while buying. Thus you can solve any problem that buyer may face during checkout. And the most important part- allow some discount to the first time buyer. Everyone loves discount. It is more of a reason to shop online. It is a reason why people will come back to you for next purchase.

Step Five: Implementation

Now you have sold the product, but it is not the time to relax. Your work does not end here. Curious buyers do not sit back after purchasing a product, their search continues, just the queries changes. Now they search on how to make the best of product they purchased. They want to know the installation procedure, the correct exercising time, period, position and method. Yes, you have the booklet for this, but buyers rely more on internet reviews and articles rather than a fully explained well iterated booklet. That is the truth for today’s customers. Any how.. You need to include all the pages that describes about the working and methodology of your exercising equipments. Again take help from reviews and queries people post on comments section of your website. The post sell service is very important nowadays.

Step Six: Customer Success

Now customer is happy with the purchase and has solved all of his related queries. Now you need to work upon your SEO again. The best seo providers like denver seo, suggests that SEO should never stop, even after you are getting visitors from organic search. No one knows when the game changes and you are nowhere among the top results. From time to time keep reminding customers that you are waiting for their next purchase. Send them emails with exclusive discount codes. Make yourself more visible by connecting to the high authority pages. There is a limited magic that you can create by keywords and content. But the scope of association with relevant sites is vast. Approach those sites that fall in your niche and have high domain authority than you. Write guest post and invite guests posts too. When you are earning enough, invest in PPC or native advertisements. Thus you can truly get successful SEO campaign.

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