SEO Experts are Quite the Players and Here’s the Proof!


SEO Experts are Quite the Players and Here’s the Proof!

If you think that SEO is the hardest job on the face of the earth, you may be right. SEO is tough but our star SEO experts make this job an easy-peasy task. Well, it is still tough for us and it is better to leave the task to the experts. Top 10 SEO Agencies revealed some of their secrets to us and to our shocking, they told us that all of their SEO experts are players. Let us see how.

When we talk about targeted audience and acquisition, we often speak like they are some soft toys and we have to throw a ring on them to make them ours, much like the game we used to play. A good SEO expert considers his audience a human being with a very complex functioning brain and a plain heart with lots of emotions. The road to becoming successful passes through audience’s heart. If you become successful in winning their hearts, you are successful in your business. Let us know how SEO experts target the emotions of their audiences to get conversions.

#1. Acceptance: 

Human beings are the most strange machine of the world which is still undecoded. What people think and what they will do, no one can say for sure but when a particular thing is presented again and again in front of them, they easily accept it. Advertisements and retargeting are based on such human emotion. A person is most likely to buy a product about which he has seen some advertisement or heard from a friend. The ads or emails need not to outstand in a certain way, it’s just that regular exposure helps them to take quick decision.

SEO experts take advantage of this emotion of their audience and plan their marketing around it. They try to acquire the trust of audiences by being transparent. Their ads specifically provide some value to audiences to make their client’s brand more acceptable.

#2. Empathy and Compassion:

No other emotion makes a person more vulnerable than empathy. When people feel an emotional connection with the brand’s objective, there are high chances that they buy from them. Sometimes, their rational decisions are guided by their emotional drive and as such they make a purchase. If a person is not getting a vibe of belonging with a brand, he would not convert.

SEO experts know the sure way to convert their prospects into customers. The one sure way to get empathy purchases is associating with a non-profit organization. It has been found out in a survey that people are ready to spend some more money on buying things from a brand which is associated with a cause. It is a way they contribute to the society and SEO experts provide this easy path to customers to redeem themselves. They make a strong emotional connection with the audience such that they buy again and again from them.

#3. Interest and Need:

People purchase things because of two reasons; either they need that thing or they like that thing. If your product solves their problems with which they are fighting, they will purchase from you. You can gain audiences interests by amazing content and strong marketing. Google advices to be present at every micro moment of customer buying cycle to fulfill their needs.

SEO experts target these emotions by providing the best solutions to their problems. They make their product such a hype that audience thinks that there cannot be a better product. They make the use of interesting graphics and visuals in content to make everything attractive. They show the utility to their audiences and feed the thoughts to their mind that buying their products is the best choice of their lives.

#4. Horror:

It is a human psychology that they are more inclined to avoid loss than to gain something. They can settle for less profit than suffering from a loss. When the issues of people are targeted saying that these can cause a serious harm in the future, audience readily purchases the product to avoid losing money in the future.

SEO experts firstly show the clear utility of their products and then tell their audiences that they need these products not to make their lives better, but to avoid making it worse.

#5. Greed:

Targeting greed is easy. You just have to show your audiences that your product is best priced among the similar products and your work is done. Exclusive deals and discounts, introductory offers, loyalty rewards are some more tricks to gain audiences.

SEO experts target the greed by lucrative offers usually with the help of PPC ads. In-app ads and Facebook ads are also effective for such purchases. Discounts are not the only way, if you set the pricing of your products realistic, gaining audiences becomes feasible.

#6. Pride:

People love to be proved right. They also love giving suggestions. Pride is a perfect emotion to target because, in order to be proved right, they would go to any extend. Let us talk about influencers, they would appreciate your products in front of their followers because they want to tell them good about your product and they want them to try it. Why? Because they want to be proven right. They want their followers to appreciate their judgement.

One more trick from the book of an SEO expert is launching two products at the same time, one is priced a little higher than other. What happens here is; if a person buys the less-priced product, he would feel pride in saving money and if he buys the more priced product, he would feel superiority that he can afford it. Either way, sales happen.

So, now you can agree that all SEO experts are players, just not the way that you assumed at the start. Well, some may be, how can we know. Anyhow…the end justifies the means, their promises are backed by the quality of products and services. If you visit any SEO services  Company for your project, make sure that the SEOs there are players too.

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