Prospects Abandoning Carts? Email Stalk them



Prospects Abandoning Carts? Email Stalk them

67.89% of shopping carts are abandoned.

That is a big number. Many people do not purchase products on their first visit to any website. That is an acceptable fact but many people proceed, put the products in cart and then leave. You can get them come back to your site and make a purchase. 

Abandoned cart emails… We all do that and this article is not about telling you why you should do that. This article is to help you create the perfect abandoned cart emails. A little professionalism with a lot of relevancy and a pinch of a tempting offer; your email is ready to be served. Top 10 SEO Firms told us some sure ways through which you can send very convincing abandoned cart emails to your prospects which compel them to go ahead to checkout. Let us see what are these simple yet effective ways.

#1. Only what they left behind

A good abandoned cart email is the one which showcases the products prospects left behind. It shows the product name, images, and specifications. It only tells people about the products they showed interests. Do not mention similar products in this email, it would look like marketing while what you are doing is helping people to complete the purchasing that they started.

#2. Good reviews to inspire

It would be a positive point if you include some reviews in the email to make people change their mind and come back to the cart. When they read the ratings and reviews, they would feel like they had made the right decision and they proceed to pay.

#3. The link to the cart

People like someone to do their work. If you include the link to the cart right in the email, they would not have to visit the website and then cart. You are making them come faster to your cart, thus making the retargeting effective.

#4. The content

The abandoned cart emails are generally the same but you can add your touch to it. The content can be made creative and engaging. The subject line should be such that it inspires people to open the mail. You should show the urgency of purchasing by mentioning the number of units left.

#5. Discount to lure

Well, this is the reason why some people deliberately put items in the cart and leave. If you provide them discount each time they do that, this would become a habit. Offer discount only when the website crashes or payment does not go through. Apologize them and promise that this would not be repeated again.

#6. Know the correct time

Do not instantly send emails to them after they leave the cart. They may be busy that is why they left the cart. Wait for 2-3 hours for them to continue the checkout. After that, send your first retargeting email. Some people who abandoned cart due to some technical glitch would come back. Set the email on schedule and remind people that they have amazing items in their cart. It is estimated that on an average, people return to buy the items in cart within two weeks. Set a schedule to send emails after two hours, then after a day and then after two weeks.

According to the best SEO services, people do not leave carts intentionally all the times. 24% people state website crashing the reason while according to the 15%, time out is the reason. Make your emails powerful so that you can convert maximum number of prospects into customers. It is better to convert people who are interested in you than scouting for new ones.

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