PPC just got Bigger and Better: Text Ads Got Expanded


PPC just got Bigger and Better: Text Ads Got Expanded

The biggest Adwords change after 15 years of its launch

Google announced a lot  of changes in the Adwords and local search. One of such announcements was the introduction of the promoted pins and now it is about the text PPC ads. Google has increased the text title and the description by twice (approx). This means more words and more scope to deliver the message. This expansion in the text ads word count is supposed to improve the performance of the ads, especially, on the mobile devices. The extra long description leaves a space for the additional information that the brands want to provide like any ongoing offer or the product features or CTA.

Firstly, twitter has removed the links and images from the 140-character limit delighting the marketers and now Google has expanded the text ads word count. This is getting better for the marketers of the top SEO agencies and they are pretty happy about it.

Get into the details

The headline that used to be the 25-character long; would be made of 30-characters. There would be two headlines of 30-characters each which mean that there is an increase of more than 100%. The description line would be relaxed from 35-characters to 80-characters long. The good news does not end here. The domain would be automatically taken from the final URL that leaves no space for the mismatch between the final landing page URL and display URL.

Why this Change and How can you catch up?

Google has never made such a significant change in the Adwords since it's launched. The mobile-first thinking arouses the need for such an improvement. The aim of Google is to provide the best user experience to its users. The number of mobile users is increasing and as such the Adwords needed to be optimized for the mobile use too.

The expanded format for the text ads was in order since the right side ads rail was removed from the SERP. This created a space to increase the length of the title and description for the text ads.

Marketers are happy because more words could mean better visibility which can result in better conversions. Since now more CTA options can be included, chances of getting calls, emails, foot traffic would be increased.

What you have to do is get ready to optimize the text of the ads. More space also means a responsibility and you have to make the best of that space. The text ads are getting more visibility and you have to make sure that you are the first one to appear on the SERP.

One sure way to do that is increasing the Quality Score. The better the quality score, better would be your position in the SERP. On the small mobile screens, it is essential that you appear above the fold and users do not have to scroll down to see you. The best SEO services have already started.

The date of the implementation of this feature is not announced yet but we all know that the early bird catches the worm. The sooner you start, the better. So, what do you think of this Adwords mega change? Are you excited too?

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