People Abandoning Carts is Actually a Reason to Celebrate


People Abandoning Carts is Actually a Reason to Celebrate


98% of the people not purchasing the product on the first visit and putting them in the carts is actually a good thing? You are not relating to it much now but you will do once you are done reading this article.

According to the New york SEO, the cart abandonment rate is 68.53%. The businesses are worried thinking of the sales if all those carts crossed the checkout process. Actually, cart abandonment is beneficial for your business.

Let us firstly see the reason behind the cart abandonment.

The audience is searching on the mobiles more as compared to the desktop devices. The mobile search is convenient and you can search for your favorite products anywhere. 51% people say that they like to start the search for the products on mobile while 42% favored the desktops.

The shoppers are leaving the cart because either they are facing some difficulties or they never intend to buy the product. There can be some technical issues while checkout, the payment may be not secure, the delivery charges may be high or the buyers may get the second thoughts. The technical issues can be handled by the concerned team of your office or you can hire experts for that. The reason that causes the most of the cart abandonments is the intention of the searcher.

The searcher may be browsing for the product because he wants to buy but it is not urgent. He puts the product in the cart as a reminder that he has to make a purchase. While we have even 5 minutes to spare, we go to online shopping sites and browse the products. We all intend to buy the products but just now is not the correct time.

Some people search on the mobile, put the product in the cart and then go to the desktop to research more. This kind of cart abandonments are more like a delay and not desertion. People are actually coming back and if they are not, the emails are working fine.

We all know that the email marketing offers the maximum ROI and the measurement of success is easy. So, when the things are under control, maybe this is time to encourage the cart abandonments.

Let us see the benefits of letting prospects abandon the carts.

#1. Dedicated mobile and desktop targeting

With hours and hours of time searching for products on mobile, 45% of these searchers are buying the products from the desktop. This gives the marketers an opportunity to formulate different strategies for the mobile and desktop users. While for the mobile phones, the design and accessibility need to be improved and for the desktops, the product pages should be comprehensive. This also helps the marketers to understand how differently users interact with the mobile and desktop e-commerce.

#2. Cross-selling and up-selling

Abandoning carts mean an opportunity to sell the products that the users do not intend to buy originally. You know what products the users are interested in and thus, you can sell them the products similar to their needs but costing high. Knowing the needs of the buyers, you can also cross-sell the products which complement their intended purchase.

#3. Gaining the loyalty of the customer

When the customers are abandoning the carts, you send them retargeting emails. These emails are highly personalized and they make customers feel like you care for them. The personalized emails are the best way to get the attention. The customers get closer to you and you can get yourself the loyal long-term customers.

Toronto SEO follows every trick in the book of marketing to make people return to their carts. When they return, they either buy products worth more or they build a foundation of a better seller-customer relationship.

So, what do you think about the abandoned carts? Do you still think that they are bad for your business? Is your perspective towards them going to change? Please comment below and let us know. 

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