Most Overused words in blogging


Most Overused words in blogging

Despite the fact that every blogger is completely different, there is  indeed a big set of words that tend to be heavily overused. If you find yourself using the same words every time you write a blog post, its time to put conscious effort to be original, and you’ll notice big payoffs in your work. Here is the list of  most overused word in blogging

  • Quality

This is by far the most overused word as in ‘quality content’ in blogging. In fact it is estimated that one in every 10 posts in the blogging niche mentions quality content in one or the other form. 

Now the problem is that the phrase has become completely meaningless. There is so many blogs, niches, angles and types of content, that there is no ‘one-size fit all’ concept for quality content. 

It’s like continuously telling a struggling alcoholic, stop drinking! Well, but how exactly?

Therefore, either mention exact and actionable advice on how to create that quality content or don’t mention it at all in your posts. 

  • Engage

As used in ‘engage with your audience’. Though there is nothing wrong with the idea of engaging with your audience but what is not right here is that no one knows what actually this phrase means. 

Is engaging is just responding to the comments or asking the questions at the end of the blog post or is it like getting your audience’ address, contact number and stalking them in real life or is it something in between. 

Here are few examples:

  1. Your blog has no returning visitors? You need to engage with your audience more 

  2. Your blog has little traffic? Seo consultants say that you should go to the forums and engage with people.

  3. You find it hard to land guest post spots? Engage with your fellow bloggers more.

  • Thinking outside the box

There are so many things wrong with this statement that it is even difficult to know where to begin.

So let’s just focus on one aspect of it, what is the box? Does it represent the standard thought process in a given niche/area? If so, why do you need to reject it? Is it really the only right thing to do?

For instance, what option you would rather choose:

  1. Start a completely different business angle in some particular field. One that no one else is doing at the moment just because it’s out-of-the-box-thinking. Or,

  2. Analyze the field, research the top most successful companies and start doing something similar to what they are doing to get into that top most list.

  • Be transparent

Being transparent means not trying to hide anything about your company/your business/your brand/ or yourself. 

Though people naturally want to know what’s going on in other people’s lives, but this really doesn’t mean that you have to share everything if you want to succeed. 

Isn’t being transparent just too boring and too obvious in the long run?

For example, take a look at any great movie you’ve seen in your life, take your favorite brand or character and think whether there was transparency all the time. Probably not.

Therefore, instead of being transparent, just be what you want to be.

So instead of using these overused words, try to be specific and give some actionable advice. ‘It’s always more powerful to show, rather than simply tell’ says New York seo and content marketing experts. 

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