Monthly SEO Services Vs. Pay-for-Performance SEO – Which is better?


Monthly SEO Services Vs. Pay-for-Performance SEO – Which is better?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seems a difficult task, isn’t it?

Getting good page ranking in the search results can be difficult for any pro since is the name of continues work. In order to reach the top, your SEO efforts require thorough knowledge and significant strategy. But do you know what actually makes it a difficult task? The right choice of SEO services.

Apart from the adapted tactics, the pricing structure in SEO displays the mix of a consistent and contradicted aspects. The San Francisco SEO companies offer different options for pricing such as pay by the hour, pay by the project, pay on the monthly basis and pay yearly.

Most of the clients choose to pay the amount on the monthly basis, but there are a growing number of SEO companies who proposes a distinctive option – Pay after you get your desired results.

Let’s discuss it in detail:

What is Pay-for-Performance in SEO?

As its name indicates, pay-for-performance in SEO means that you will be paying the amount for the SEO efforts after they show up the results. That clearly indicates, that if you don’t see any improvement in your rankings, there is no need to pay.

This newly introduced pricing model would be beneficial for those firms that do not comprise the capability to scale.

How Pay for Performance SEO Companies Works

One can identify the real pay for performance company out of the fake ones by observing their criteria of satisfying the customers and how much work experience they carry in their hand. Here is how to recognize them:

These companies comprise years of data and experience

Experience is critical, but data stands at the upper level. While measuring the association between SEO activities and rankings helps in building processes that acquires better rankings. In return, those methods create a more efficient way of getting improved results.

They have provided services to hundreds of customers

For a reputable pay for performance SEO provider, it is essential to have an exceptional experience while working with the hundreds of customers in the industry. Their in-hand experience and case studies can provide you incomparable insights for your business.

Misconceptions Related to Pay for Performance SEO

#1 – Pay for Performance is a Black Hat Technique

Undoubtedly, it is the most common complaint running against pay for performance SEO, which implies that these companies manipulate the rankings by using shady tactics. This is the problem arising in all industry since bad fishes are working everywhere. Therefore, their pricing model is not the culprit.

#2 – Companies that are performance-based guarantee rankings

We have already stated about a million times and for your sake we are repeating again, that beware of those SEO companies which guarantee results in Google.

However, make sure that you are not confused with the guarantee of not paying unless you see the results. The performance-based company should guarantee on your bills but on the #1 ranking.

#3 – Rankings won’t last for long

As observed in dallas SEO services, when you apply the things right, your site goes automatically up along with rankings and the search engine traffic. Keep in mind, those performance-based companies have a consigned interest in keeping your rankings upwards, since they get paid for good results. In case you see a drop in your rankings, you will be paying less or end up paying the amount to the company.

Thus, Pay for Performance is better than Monthly payments?

Well, we would say it depends! For small businesses or startups, performance-based companies can actually prove to be an asset, even more if you are running with a small budget.

On the other hand, the scope of pay for performance SEO stands on the limited platform due to some obvious results such as they have to keep the balance between clients’ profitability and companies’ benefits.

Therefore, the pricing model depends on the business type and of course the business objectives.

So what would you prefer – paying monthly or paying on the basis of performance?

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