Link Building and Ranking in Search Engine


Link Building and Ranking in Search Engine

Since, the success factors of a perfect SEO is categorised as on the page, off the page and violation; the link building and ranking is a success factor which works as off the page success factor of SEO.

Links weighed high among all the success factors. Google is the first search engine which relies greatly on link analysis. It improves the relevancy of search engine Google. Google is also a search engine counts links as votes.

This is a kind of success factor which is not in control of publisher. Links are the most important external signal for search engine success regardless of the babble around other signals. We know, whenever we search something, we go to a link which seems more useful. Thus, some links are much more valuable than others.

The individual success factors in Links are-

  1. Link Quality

Just like providing content with good quality matters a lot for a search engine success, the link quality also matters.

Let’s understand it by an example- If you are sick, what you will do –will prefer to go to a doc or will take advice from other 50-60 people walking down to the street?

Let me explain it in some other way, what if your electronic device either TV, laptop or phone not works well? Will prefer to go to an official service center or will try thousands trials by giving your device to every third person.

Probably, we all know what we prefer. We want a certainty, reliability and more than all we want to get assured. Going to a doctor when we feel sick, needs the reliability on doc; going to a service centre gives us the guarantee that, they will repair our device and won’t cheat us in any mean.

So, we always prefer to refer the experts. The quality of expert’s opinion weighed high. Likewise things go with SEO success factor- link quality.

Now, the question which will come into our mind is what is quality link? The simple answer, I found is- “you will know it, only when you see it and try it.”

Now, what’s the measure of quality? The search engine count all the links pointing at websites but it don’t count all equally. It gives more weight to the links, which are considered as of better quality. On the contrary, the link from famous and authentic sites is counted high on quality scale than a link from any blog or commenting site. It can also be possible that what I consider as quality link, you might not, depending upon the vision of person.

  1. Link Text –

The link texts are words within a link, which are seen by search engine providing the way by which one website explains another web page. It’s like, someone is pointing at you in real life and saying something about you and announce you as an expert of that.

Like, a web page name Amazon don’t sells car. It is ranked for books and it has thousands links pointing on it. Most of links uses anchor text books, not cars for Amazon. You often can’t control the words people use to link to you, so capitalize on your opportunities to influence anchor text, within reason.

Link text is a powerful factor but has been decreased from a weight of 3 to 2 in ranking factors.

  1. Number Of Links –

Plenty of sites have found that getting a large number of links can add up to a success. Even more, if you’re getting a lot of links from many different sites and all are equal that calls a successful SEO.

Long ago, the sheer number of links used to be a far more important, but as search engines learn how to better evaluate the quality of links, the importance of number of links has decreased steadily.

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