Let us Google The Popular Search Engines



Let us Google The Popular Search Engines

It is a funny thing that for most of us, Google is a synonym for internet search. Google is merely one of the many available search engines, yet it has gain so popularity that it is at the top of the chain right now. The reason behind this unimaginable success of Google is the relevance of the results. For the searched query, you get the answers which are exactly what you are looking for. When you are getting the satisfactory answer from one place, why would you try any other source? In our recently published article, we talked about the Omnity; a new paid search engine for researchers and the students. That triggered our thoughts that Google is not the only one. There are many search engines which are still used by the people.

These search engines are not much frequently discussed in SEO because 65% of the internet users use Google regularly. When the top SEO Agencies can target their majority of audiences via a single search engine, they do not bother optimizing any other search platform.

Let us see what are the other search platforms that you can use if you like experimenting or like to have a change for a while.

#1. Bing

After Google, Bing is the second most used search engine in the world launched in 2009. It is said to be used by the professional people (for B2B queries) rather than the common audiences. It covers almost 16% of the search market. You can quit Google and start using Bing because the video search on Bing is much better. The auto complete feature is also much competent for Bing. 

#2. DuckDuckGo

Founded in 2008, this search engine partnered with Yahoo, Bing, and Yummly to display the results. This search engine does not store your behavioral data and would not feed you results based on your previous searches. Thus, it does not invade your privacy and you can get the true results for your search. It has the third best conversion rate after Bing and Google.

#3. Yahoo

Yahoo is one of the leading email service providers but it is not so successful as the search engine. This does not mean that is not a potential alternative to Google. The Yahoo data is said to be obtained from the Bing. Bing and Yahoo are the competitors with Yahoo having a market share of about 10%. Since 2012, Yahoo has been maintaining a good reputation and it is now among the top three search engines of the world.

#4. Yandex

It is the most widely used search engine in Russia with the services and products almost similar to Google. In 2012, it launched its very own browser and an app to beat the competition; Google. It is based on an algorithm that performs better in understanding what kind of results the users are looking for.

#5. Ask.com

Formerly known as Ask Jeeves, Ask is still a useful search engine or should we say a Q&A platform? It was founded in 1995 as a question and answer community. From the millions of answers, it cross-references your question to provide you an appropriate answer. If it does not have any answer, it takes help from the third-party search engines. The right-hand side space of the Ask is the most helpful which showcases the popular searches.

#6. Dogpile

If you like the clip-arts, Dogpile is the search engine for you. The best thing about it is; it pulls the results from the different search engines like Google, Yandex, and Yahoo but without the ads. If you hate those pesky little ads, you can try Dogpile any day.

#7. IxQuick

It is marketed as the world’s most private search engine. No user details and cookies are stored in this search engine. This has a feature to set your priorities and preferences but that is deleted after 90 days of inactivity. It retrieves the top 10 results from the multiple search engines. When a result is obtained from most of the search engines, it is ranked number 1.

#8. WolframAlpha

It is more of a computational platform than a search engine but really amazing one to use. The results are not what you expect because it is a mathematical engine. It can calculate any data or factual queries easily. It provides the answer rather than displaying the results that may have the answer.

All the local SEO services optimize only Google and Bing for their clients. What would happen if people start using these other search engines?

So, which search engine are you going to try now? Are you ready to cheat Google?

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