Learning About Sitelinks:A Guide On How To Get Sitelink On The Website?


Learning About Sitelinks:A Guide On How To Get Sitelink On The Website?

Google has made several changes for search console to effectively handling sitelinks. But what is sitelink?

The sitelinks are the main links that appear below the main URL for the brand or publishers when you search for it in google. They are deep links to other pages within site . it is designed by google to help in navigating your site. In some cases, sitelinks appear with a handy search box which help users to search directly from SERPs. It is seen that sitelinks produce mixture of category pages, static pages within the site. The reason behind showing static as well as category pages is google pull out them automatically, rather making the marketers choose what they intend to feature.

Links appearing below the sitelinks have lot of positive impact. Let us discuss how?

  • They give your brand more SERP

You can achieve six sitelinks for your SERP listings along with a search box. On desktop sitelinks occupy four to five times as much as SERP space is given to the listing as compared to mobile which takes the entire screen for sitelinks.

Occupying the whole screen space helps in pushing down any irrelevant result, social mentions and competitors result that might appear. This reduces the likability of the users to click on other websites. Sitelinks helps in boosting click through rate by many folds.

  • More option for navigating the site by users

Users looking for your site may not be interested to land on your website homepage. Sitelinks help users to get direct link to other part of the website which can be more relevant or encourage to explore sections that might not be known. If the SERPs has quick search bar,users can navigate directly to pages.  This saves lot of unnecessary time in users journey.

  • Sitelink directs traffic to other areas of your site

Sitelinks are a great way that allow users to find content easily that can be promoted. It may be possible that you have arranged the content of your website properly but it is unlikely that it will be visible to click through right from SERPs. Sitelinks has the advantage of distributing the organic traffic from the homepage to the other parts of your website. Consultants from best seo company in austin points out that apart from spreading traffic, one side effect is, these links will becomes the landing pages for your site therefore make sure they look good.

What google changed in sitelinks?

Google search console has the option to demote sitelinks. This means that site owners can specify any URL they don’t want to appear as sitelinks. But google never guaranteed that it would be seen in the SERPs yet it can take hint from the demote option. 

This option was later taken out from google search console. They specified that google has the capability to find the most relevant sitelinks without getting the input of the users. Apart from this announcement, google also stated some best practice to make right sitelink appear on search result.

How to get the right sitelink of the website to appear at SERPs?

SEO consultant advice the best practice for making right sitelink to appear in search result requires the owners to have high quality site which google can very easily crawl. A good site structure will help the algorithm to find the good sitelinks otherwise it won’t appear.

The practices meant to get your right sitelink appear in search result by every way enhance your SEO as well. Some of them has been used by you already for your website.

  • Get the highest rank by your brand name

This seem to be very obvious but equally valuable. To get the sitelink appear on search result requires the business to be top ranked in search results when visitors search for the brand. Google does not anyway give sitelinks to second, third or any other ranked websites. To get that unique top position, make sure to have a unique branding strategy to get your brand reach at the top of your niche. 

  • Build and submit XML sitemap

A sitemap is the map of your website that shows which element is present at what position. These sitemaps can be designed for users and search bots to make the navigation within the site absolutely easy. XML sitemaps are hosted on website server which informs search engine about the content of site and allow search spider to crawl easily.

Apart from XML sitemap, other ways by which search engine can crawl within the website include:

  • Create a website structure which is absolutely clear and logical with home page as root page.

  • Use internal link that has clear and informative anchor text

  • Make sure that all the pages of your website should be interconnected, particularly the one that you want to appear in sitelinks

  • Use fetch as google tool to test whether google can crawl and index important pages within your site.

  • Your site main menu should focus on most important categories

  • Make sure to use relevant and accurate meta description, title tag throughout the site

  • A strict no to insubstantial content, thin content or spammy keyword stuffing 

  • Improve the loading the site speed and loading time of your website and make sure to mobile optimized to get maximum chances of sitelinks.


Sitelinks are one of the most prominent opportunity for marketers to get the attention of the users clearly. In order to appear in sitelink, make sure to optimize your website with the best practices mentioned by google. Make sure to follow tips stated above to mark a significant position in the market and appear in sitelinks.

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