Insanely Easy Ways to make Twitteratis Promote Your Blog Posts


Insanely Easy Ways to make Twitteratis Promote Your Blog Posts

One thing is sure for Twitteratis, they like to talk a lot. They like to talk about everything and everyone. The more the number of tweets, higher will be the possibility that people will read about you. Twitter is a smart Guy in town. It counts one tweet from an account and so tweeting your posts many times does not cut the slack. This will not move the needle. If you want your blog post to rule Twitter, here are some simple ways to do so. 

From your Blog post

#1. Repeat twitter Buttons on Your post

Who said that you have to use the tweet button once on your blog at the bottom only? There is not a limitation and in fact, using twitter buttons many times makes sure that readers tweet once. It is a common belief that if you are presented the same thing, again and again, you gain an affinity towards it and you will go ahead with that. Houston SEO Company uses tweet buttons after the headline, and after some important quote, that they are using. Use them for some shocking fact that a very less number of people know, in the sidebar and at the bottom of the post.

#2. Tweet pop-ups

We are not suggesting this thing as a sure method because pop-ups are usually irritating but for experimenting, you can try them. Many people hit the cross button immediately and return to the main page but some people think and weigh the pros and cons. If they think that your post is worth tweetable, they will go ahead and give you a vote.

#3. Default tweet

By default, the page title is posted as the text for the tweet. If you are not going for twitter cards, it is better that you optimize your page title for uniqueness, relevance, and arousing curiosity. Make it so appealing that it makes other people visit you.

#4. Tweeting perks

Again, we are not suggesting that you should use this method but for gaining initial tweets, you can reward your readers with some freebies. ‘Free’ attracts your readers much and they will proceed to tweet your blog post. Do not make this permanent for your blog because then, people will not  tweet for you for free. This would become a roadblock in getting loyal audiences.

#5. Ask for a favor

You can also ask your audiences to thank you on twitter. Your loyal audiences would have no  problem in doing that for you because after all, you are providing them useful content and this is the least that they can do for you.

Outside your Blog post: From Twitter

#1. Retweet option

Whenever you are tweeting something, lay down an option for audiences to retweet your post. It would be easy as readers only have to click on a button. Make sure that you provide the utility to your audiences first and then ask for a retweet. No one would like to retweet an irrelevant bad post.

#2. Images are more tweetable

You must know by now that images attract more audiences than a text. You can get more tweets if you use images on twitter. Use attractive images to deliver your message, your audiences will become a part of your crusade and help you to rule the twitter.

#3. Influential outreach

There is no marketing goal that influencers cannot help you with. You can reach out to influential twitteratis and ask them to retweet your post because it is what they are usually interested in. BuzzSumo is such an outreach tool to find and reach to influential people of your niche.

#4. Use hashtags

People are crazy over the use of hashtags. Whether they know the meaning or not, they like to use hashtags on their every post. If you initiate a hashtag important for your blog, you can easily build up a following. You can target people using same hashtags and thus deliver the message on a wide scale. You can tag people too. Do whatever works the best for you.

#5. Follow before getting following

You want people to follow you but for that, you have to follow them first. SEO services in Kansas suggested us a strategy; something like give and take strategy. Follow people who write about the same thing as you do. When you will retweet their posts sometimes, they will turn back to you and help you too.

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