Increase Engagement And Crush Competition: 5 Strategies For Marketers


Increase Engagement And Crush Competition: 5 Strategies For Marketers

Grow! Every other company is growing with time. But it is the nature of the growth and the hunger to grow decide the future of a company. Sustainable growth is one thing and sustaining growth is another. More important? Both. But sustaining growth should not leave the agenda of the company anytime. 

To sustain growth user engagement is crucial. Does not matter even if you are employing the best seo service fremont, search engines and users are looking for engagement over everything. That is one of the most important factors in sustaining the growth. As a marketer, your aim should be to educate your customers and to entertain them so that you would not loose the hold of them. You would have to create something which will make them login every time they can have any break. Entice them to get on your website hour in hour out. 

If you are looking to create that sticking factor, dig if you will the following 5 strategies:-


Communication is the key to everything. From parenthood to marketing, nothing can be as crucial as communication. Hitherto you must be emailing your customers the updates, new releases, offers, and other things. Now you must have piles of data. Data would let you decide when which email is to be sent to a respective customer. The relevancy would help the customer build the bond. The role this triggered email will play would eliminate the barriers. The communication between your company and the client would be seamless, which is rare given the situation of the marketing, which is annoying more than functioning. In the given situation when the users are not appearing on the website after a couple of days, you should send an email to remind the updates they are missing. 

Customer relationship is crucial and when every other company is wasting its time in sending the irrelevant and same email over and over again, you can take advantage of the situation and get in the driving seat. 

In-App Chat

As a SaaS marketer, you have spent enough time to develop the understanding of any new software within hours. But when it comes to people who are breathing air, not SaaS, need time and guidance to take them through the services. The time which you will take to navigate any software would be little by significant margins. But for the same activity, people might end up spending heavy chunks of their time. They would seek their desired services and if they would find it difficult to find them then they would probably switch the platform and you will end up losing your potential customers. The on-hand assistance would be engaging and will help the retention of the clients on the platform. 

One of the best ways to do that is with in-app chat. The one-on-one help would your customers to discover what they want. Moreover, you can also ask specific question sans disrupting any order. 

Few in-app chat platforms would let you discover the route of the visitor which will help you spot their need and then you can convey the information through chat. But few things are to be focused before deploying chat support on the platform. Late replies are least likely to be tolerated. The response from your chat team should be prompt. 

Video Tutorials

Success is the only trial that has made the customers purchase your services. An educated customer is more likely to find success than the one lurking south of education. Keeping them educated would increase the retention of them. The best way to educate: Videos. All of your customers probably follow the same routine comprised of family time, self-time, that time, then time, and other time. Now they do not have all the time in the world to educate themselves and work at the same time. Ebooks, blogs, emails, guides are fine, they are enough to pull the work. But going extra dimension would enable you to reap extra benefits. Like I said earlier, everything is about engagement and text content is not really compelling and binding. This the moment where videos prevail and bring the engagement to fruition. 

Videos are compelling and they convey the message more vividly than any other medium. Hence, with them, you are likely to garner the attention of the customers which would further bring all the things, simply like the best salt lake city seo companies demonstrated at times. 

To instigate your laboratory for producing videos, your first focus should be on how a customer would think. Create the short way to initiate the pain points of the customers so that they can connect to the video real quickly and understand what do they want to learn and how do they want to learn. 


To increase the engaging factor at your website you can consider one of the traditional methods and that is to employ games. Games have been on the websites from sometime and now the technique of seducing users with seasonal content is the thing of past decade. Get past that and let your customers enjoy their stay on the website. Games are instrumental to turn the low-engagement rates to relatively higher. Top games would help you to persuade your customers to stay on the platform a little longer and could be the reason for them to come back.



The services that are dormant could be brought back to life by providing them as incentives to the customers. The right incentive could act as an instigator for new services and would welcome a new kind of customers to set the new tune on the website. But your incentives should be functional for the customers else the frailty would be exploited and the user-behavior could go from north to south. Do not let a customer assume that your incentives are useless and just promotional. However, they are supposed to be promotional but functional for the clients as well. 

The incentives provided by your company should be functional and should be usable, do not let the incentives just become accolades for your users which will only have dust on them. Research, as you have data and create incentives that can turn the stride on your side and would end up spiking the user-engagement. 

Engagement is the only thing that everyone wants. The services should be engaging, the websites should be engaging, products should be engaging, and the modes of education should be engaging as well. If your platform would not be engaging then even the best SEO services In Nassau would be unable to bring you nothing but the speck of what could have been only if you would have created something engaging and enticing. 

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