If you are a Marketer, You can be a Link Builder



If you are a Marketer, You can be a Link Builder

Some marketers are afraid of the secret world of Seo link building. However, the truth is there is no magical secret to link building and its not that complicated. ‘If you are a marketer you can be a link builder also’ says experts from Atlanta SEO company. Today’s link building is the manual process, like any other form of marketing. Gone are those days of link buying automation. Even in the case when you are outsourcing your link building, there are real humans who are doing the work, not the robots, Link building particularly is a special form of marketing that is focused on the online space. These primary components of link building for SEO will be familiar to any marketer.

  • Research

Ample link building time is devoted to research. Generating old links doesn’t going to be effective now, instead, it can put you into trouble.  A link builder’s time is spent finding link opportunities on websites that are relevant to the target audience or the industry. Like any other form of marketing, it is crucial to determine who your target audience is and where they are spending most of their time. Particularly for link building, where they are spending their time online? What blogs do they read? What communities are they part of? These all important to know to have an effective link building process.

  • Competitive Analysis

It’s really important to determine who all are the competitions online. It may possible that online competition may differ from the offline competition. You might have the list of your competitors, but spend some time conducting searches for your primary keywords. See what websites are coming prominently, they can be considered as your competition. Analyze what they are doing on the web and more specifically where their inbound links are coming from. You can use the tool like Open Site Explorer to pull the links of your competitors.

The analysis can give you an insight of what your competitors are not, what they are not doing and there might be some opportunities for you.

  • Relationship Building

People are running the websites and not the robots. They have the power to link to you or not. People are more likely willing to link to you when they know who you are and what you represent. So you need to work towards establishing relationships with the owners of the website that are popular amongst your target audience and within your niche. Follow them on social media, comment on their blogs, share their content etc, to get your name out there. After some time, use your marketing skills to craft a personalized message asking for the link.

As with marketing in general, link building takes both time and effort. But its really not so fearful especially if you have the marketing background. To know where you can find link building opportunities, read article 6 simple link building opportunities to capitalize on. You can also contact the Best Seo Company In Austin, for any help and guidance regarding link building and building relationships online.   

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