How to use digital Advertising to Engage your Audience?


How to use digital Advertising to Engage your Audience?

Digital advertising does not really have a great reputation amongst consumers. In fact winchester SEO research of how consumers interact with digital marketing and they have reported that around half of the respondent used ad blockers or install one in the next six months. These are the basic reasons researched by winchester seo, which shows why people avoid online marketing:

  • Annoying and intrusive

Unfortunately, the biggest reasons people reveal is they find digital ad to be most annoying and intrusive. They usually appears as the mobile pop ups which covers most of the content, and takes two to three attempt to dismiss them.

  • Disrupts browse experience

Auto-played videos or flashed images generally distract people from the original content which they’re actually looking for. People pay attention to such pushy videos or images only because they don’t have the option to dismiss it. 

  • Creates security concerns

Many websites hosts third party publisher which leads to degrade the quality of the web content and lowers the quality of the content. Because people pay attention to such pushy videos or images because they dont have the option to dismiss it. 

Here’s the ways  suggested by York SEO, to use digital advertising to engage the audience:

  1. Focus on native advertising:

There are basically two type of digital advertising. The first one is something which users have chosen to get. And the other one is  non-disruptive within the platform.

In many digital advertising, consumers may unsubscribe it, whenever they want to do so. They are basically less pushy in nature and emphasise more on content. That’s why they don’t surprise much if consumers react negatively on them.

Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter posts, looks like more traditional online advertising. But there are little things which set them different from the likes of auto-playing videos, that received negative reaction.

  • They're not disruptive. They match feel of the platform they're showing on.

  • They provide useful content, and never ask you to buy something.

  • Highly targeted which means you’ll see content which is relevant to you.

2) Add value with your ads.

Digital advertising is a type of content, try to use it as opportunity to add value, instead of pushing them to a purchase?

Not all ads feels sales-focused. Make use of paid channels to advertise your content and that’s how you'll add more value to your audience. 

You can also add more value by allowing your customer to leave a comment or like and share, if they find the ad relevant. This will not seems pushy and also gives you an opportunity to address any issue directly. 

3) Improve your targeting.

One of the most efficient benefit of using digital advertising is targeting options are always available. Most of the brands uses targets to ensure that they're adding value to their potential customers with their ads.

Defining your target audience is the best practice in a business, especially when you have something much to offer. This not only helps to increase your visibility over the web, but it also helps in increasing the rank in search engine as well.

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