How to showcase your product quality online?


How to showcase your product quality online?

When people shop in a store, they can easily assess the quality of products they want to buy. People can feel the fabric and know whether it is good or not. But, they can’t do it on Internet. They can’t feel or touch your product, so how can you assure them that your products or services are of high quality. Here are 3 ways through which you can trick your target audience’s mind to ‘feel the quality’ and make your brand trustworthy online.

  • Give attention to details

People assume that products of modern assembly lines come with an occasional defect. It’s the compromise we make to sustain our consumer paradise. Giving details can make a difference. You can explain your product through videos, provide FAQs or downloadable product sheets. Even though you don’t have images or videos or any product sheet you can attract your potential customers through words like ‘custom-made’, ‘handmade’, ‘handcrafted’, ’workmanship’. These words all depicts a real person paying attention to detail.

For example you will see a similar title on a WordPress themes website: " Handcrafted WordPress Themes For Professional Bloggers”. Themes are hand-designed and they are hand-coded, so it makes sense.


  • Offer the Latest product or service

People assume that leading edge product is of better quality. Since the world is all about evolutions and improvements it is considered that new product is better than the previous one. The latest is always assumed to be the best specially when it comes to technology. Most of mankind’s newer invention have been toward better quality: from car phones to smart cell phones, from handheld fans to air conditioning. It also indirects a sense of urgency; “the latest” is not just a quality inference, but also a time-sensitivity inference. It implies that your product is ahead of others and therefore providing better quality. Working with seo company in gurgaon should increase your brand visibility.

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  • Give it luxury appeal

People assume that luxury products are of best quality. Whenever you buy a product which has #luxury tag you don’t have to worry about it’s quality. For example if you buy any Apple gadget you will definitely doubt on its quality. There are some words that convey luxury and therefore quality of your product like: premium, deluxe, celebrity, leisure, the best, gourmet etc. It would be much better if you pitch your product with both ‘handcrafted’ and ‘premium’.

Remember its all about high-quality photography, packaging, placing your product in a high-end context and using imposing words of luxury to make your customers covet whatever you are selling.

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