How To Protect Your Site Content From Content Thieves?


How To Protect Your Site Content From Content Thieves?

Content industry is getting bigger and better with each passing days. According to an estimation, it is expected that by 2019, the content marketing industry would be worth $300 billions. 

This rapid expansion is due to the ever increasing need of marketers for content. But not everybody is in rush to publish content especially high quality content which has the natural tendency to earn clicks, links, and get the top ranking on Google.

But everywhere exceptional people are there.

In content marketing industry, there are people who believe in getting quick valuable result but without investing any time or effort, research, resources for creating a valuable content. They believe in stealing rather than putting hard work for creating own.

A high quality content generated tend to be the ROI asset for your brand which can be stolen by others and adversely affect your livelihood.

This is a common scenario within the content industry and a necessary step should be taken to curb this issue.

Here, we list some ways by which you can defend your content from being stolen by malicious people.

Let us begin:

It is the age of internet and the nature of digital files that has made it extremely easier to steal contents. In order to protect your content from getting stolen, you will have to take a multifaceted  approach that includes writing, technology and copyright.

1. Developing a writing style of your own which can recognizable

Consultant from denver SEO company suggest generally content should have a symmetrical voice pattern for addressing people and make them feel connected with the brand. Apart from connecting people, this common voice pattern for addressing people can prevent content theft as it is difficult to steal a content and use it in same voice.

Your style can easily get reflected and people will get alert about the theft of content made and inform the concern person. Now, developing a pattern of own voice in contents is not that easy as it seems. It needs lots of practice and dedication to reach out to one voice.

Try using these followings: 

  • Consider you are in conversation with the audience and then write content in that tone while keeping in mind the language which you people would use.

  • Do you use phrases or idioms or saying which you have been repeating throughout your life? Consider adding these in your content writing where you would be naturally communication with audiences.

  • Try and lose up your writing .Consider using contradictions in your writing which can sound really informal such as for don’t you can use do not, can’t to cannot. It is common fact while making conversation people are not perfectly speaking, therefore, it is more likely to stand out.

2. Use your name on anything you publish

People who are lethargic tend to be highly ignorant as well. Often they steal all the content from the site and forgets to make any kind of editing before publishing it. If you include your brand name in every kind of content, it will be really difficult for copying tactics and using it somewhere else.

When name appears next to the content , it is known as author byline. Using  byline is a good way for achieving better marketing opportunities but also enhances the security as well.

If you use your name in all content types, you can use a common way to identify theft which is by using Google alert with your name. This way, when your content is copied and published you can find it where it has happened and when.

It is important to give author name at the bottom of the content to keep up with the record of your authorship. This tactics may not be for professional content thieves but it can definitely fail the lazy thieves.

3. Watermark your images

Professionals from Kansas city SEO company suggest if content generators use customised content in their site, then they should prefer using watermark for security purpose.

Watermark means using logo or any kind of name or sign which are placed at the top of images.  This method is ideal as nobody will take pictures watermarked with company logo.

Watermark can prove to really obstructive, if not done properly. Make sure to approach a very professional way for using watermark or otherwise this would mean a complete disaster. 

This tactics is absolutely worthy and provide meaningful result. It will also show readers that the content they are reading is actually stolen.

4. Adding a copyright notice to the site content

Along with content thieves there are many people who unintentionally becomes thieves. Which means either they don’t understand copyright or even because they and oblivious. Adding a copyright notice help to people to see and get alert that copy writing violation done by any person.

According to wordpress, copyright should be placed right at the front of visitors eyes so that they feel them. Wordpress also recommends to add to add a notice below to make people notice. It also provides templates which can be used to edit in case of needs.

5. Using wordpress plugins for adding protection

Sites running on wordpress tends to have various plugins to help the content get protected.

For example, copyright proof will automatically create timestamps certificate for each post created. They are digitally stamped, so incredible helpful in proving your content to be yours.

In case you want to stop theft you can also disable right clicks and using drag, drop menu by using a simple plugin like WP content copy protection.

Conclusion: you can still protect your content

Internet is a vast arena and comprise of many kinds of cheating tactics which are used. The easiest way to protect the content of the site from getting stolen, is being proactive,prepared and vigilant enough. Use these five tactics stated above to get your valuable content free from any loot or theft.

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