How to Prepare your Agency for the Successful PR Launch?


How to Prepare your Agency for the Successful PR Launch?

Whether you are budding startup agency about to announce your grand opening or the growing firm with some big news to share, certainly you need a way to get the word out fast.

However, there is a more to the big announcement than firing off a press release and hoping it somehow reaches the intended audience.

Successful PR campaigns require a lot of work. If you are hoping to spread the word effectively, then certainly you need to put in the hours pre-launch to ensure everything runs smoothly.

According to the experts from San Francisco SEO company says ‘No matter, how much time you have before your launch or what your budget, there are few things that you will want to do before your big reveal to help make your PR launch a success’.   

  • Create perfectly seeded contributed content

Crafting a bunch of articles and firing them off in every direction, content seeding involves takes a more strategic approach to content distribution that always produces the better results. With content seeding your goal is to spread the content to the various websites and social media platforms where it will be read and most importantly shared.

Your secret to success with this approach depends on creating top-notch content and tapping relevant influencers who are ready to use their own networks and connections to share your top notch content with broader audience. This will add more authenticity to your message.

Even having just one influencer share your content can result in the significant jump in shares. A research found that it can result in an average of 31.8% more social shares.

One of the best ways to find the influencers who are willing to share your content is by finding out the opportunities to submit contributed content. If you can submit guest posts on a well-known publications or blogs you will be able to expand your reach even farther.

Supplement your articles with infographics, videos and even photos of your agency to generate interest. Also, start building relationships with other contributing writers and help promote their content. AS your network will grow, your credibility will also grow which leads to more opportunities to get exposure to your agency.

  • Create captivating and unique Case Studies

Case studies are boring -- we get it. But you don’t have to stick with the overdone one-paragraph blurbs. With your client’s permission, you can create a fun and lighthearted take on how your product or service made someone’s life better. Keep it short and sweet - 5 minutes or less is usually adequate. Case studies when done in the right way can be valuable content that can be helpful in generating interest in your agency's services. They will also help to lend credibility to your brand.

  • Build powerful partnerships

To be truly impactful, strategic alliances need to focus on creating meaningful and long-term relationships. Look for opportunities to co-authored content or hold co-hosted events.  

Your trusted ally could be your a team member, business partner, or even someone from your network that you can team up with for a cause. This will also help you to extend your outreach.

Your partnership could be with another business or professionals in the different field. Get creative and find new ways to showcase your product, or create a promotional video that features people using your product in a fun and unique way.  

  • Launch Press Release that celebrates wins

While often companies use press releases as a chance to announce mundane facts and events, do not fall into this trap. Instead, reserve the traditional press release for the exciting stuff. This means making a big deal about exciting new products, ways that your agency has made a difference, fascinating breakthroughs or causes that your company’s involved with. This is the kind of news people actually care about and will take the time to read.

  • Hold Regularly Scheduled Live events online

Take advantage of Facebook Live to host the live event to address issues that your prospects really care about or answer questions that they are interested in.

  • Keep the Momentum Going Post-Launch

It’s up to you to generate publicity for your campaign and you will want to put the great efforts to help build interest for your big day.

However, generating publicity isn’t the one event. It’s important to keep the momentum after the launch as well. Continue to create winning content and share amazing press releases and case studies even after the launch. Keep looking for ways to drum up publicity for your agency - and word will continue to spread.    

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