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How to Optimize your Landing Page


How to Optimize your Landing Page

You have probably heard of the idiom, “first impression is the last impression”. In the land of the internet, you only have five seconds to impress your user. How do you do that? Certainly not by making them wait for minutes on end while your website takes its leisurely time to load!

A lot of the times, people do not wait for a website to load for more than three seconds. And if they do, studies indicate that the users only stay for about 59 seconds unless you manage to capture their attention. 

What is a landing page?

If you want to make sure that your PPC campaign works in the most effective manner, you need to make sure that your landing page is fully optimized. A landing page, as the name indicates, is the page that the users first end up on when they click on your ad. This is the page that presents to the user what they might expect from your website as a whole. This is the page that gives you an opportunity of  building a loyal and more expansive customer base.  

Moreover, an optimized landing page betters your Quality Score because it does increase the click through rate and reduced the bounce rate. 

Optimizing your landing page can, however, be time consuming and need a lot of resources. You would typically need a graphic designer, a developer, a hosting environment, and many other resources. SEO services review your landing page and suggest the changes that can be made to it. Rather than giving up completely and redirecting the traffic to your homepage, it is better to fully optimize your landing page.

#1 Simplify your page

Make sure that the number of actions are reduced and instead you present users with an easy to navigate interface with more white space. That is bound to lead to more conversions than you could imagine. People tend to focus more on the content that is being proposed to them if the clutter from a web page is removed.

#2 Call-to-action text

Even the top SEO firms suggest that alongside optimizing keywords, you must write text that has elements of call-to-action. For example, “sign up” or “log in”. That is bound to get the visitors more engaged in what you have to offer- better than ever before. 

#3 Build Credibility

Most users tend to trust only those web pages that have affiliations with reputable brands. That along with customer reviews is what creates a sense of trust among the new users. This is bound to have them retract their clicks and stay on your page for a longer time than before.

#4 Decrease Page Load Time

This is the most important aspect of LPO or Landing Page Optimization. As mentioned earlier in the blog, users can only wait so long for a page to load. Even if you have an amazing interface and really interesting content, you are bound to lose customers if your page fails to load in a short span of time. 

#5 Optimization for Search Engines

An added bonus to optimizing your landing page is that it makes it even more viable to be ranked higher on search engine result pages. This is bound to bring in more organic traction and create a large base of regular users. 


These are only some of the ways that you can get people to stay on your landing page and get them to explore your website for a longer time. With the span of attention of people drastically reduced, you need to make sure that your web page is “dressed to impress”. After all, missing out on customers just because of low optimization is not desirable for anyone. 

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