How To Make Your Website Differently Attractive For Users At SERPs?


How To Make Your Website Differently Attractive For Users At SERPs?

Google is always evolving itself in order to provide better results to the users. Indeed these frequent tweaks in search results and algorithms are often frustration for most of the marketers. However, this frequent evolution provides valuable opportunity for making the contents easily visible to searchers.

Today’s SERP are far from the ones by which Google actually started. But from that day till now, Google has made significant efforts to let searchers find the information faster with less scrolling and clicking with the help of using rich feature into result page.

Some of these rich features we will discuss in this post.

Let us begin:

1. Google’s answer features

According to kansas SEO company experts, Google is highly intuitive in knowing what questions users are searching. Also,Google make efforts to show answers box  with subtle difference in search phrases without even making the users clicking on any link.

Google has started using answer boxes in an effort to give searchers the adequate answer for their question without having to click on any link. Information answer boxes vary in format for ranking list, to numbered steps and tables. Searches that are related to events are more frequently resulting in answer boxes. Apart from events subjects like weather and stock market statistics are often commonly shown in the form of answer box.

It is highly important on the part of the marketers to think about answer boxes and their representation before creating a content. It is sometime also observed in many situations that despite the links not making higher ranking but the content quality within the links makes it easy for getting represented at the top of SERP.

Now, a question that must be coming into your mind is how to let Google knows about the answers within your site?

Google has declared that it has started taking decision to show the answers programmatically. This means other than using rich snippets within contemporary SERPs, webmasters can easily use markups to let the Google know that the site contains a piece of content as an answer of some question.

This takes us to the conclusion that while a content is produced by writers and content marketers, it is important to prioritize the content based on the keyword phrase directly and succinctly on the page.

2. Video

Consultant from Best SEO company in las vegas gives a strong emphasis on using video content in the websites as they it is an easy for making your website stand out in content rich competitive Google SERPs.

Usually when a searcher types a given keyword such as “homemade baby carriers”, the apart from how to make one of these carriers, the search result for brings attention of searchers towards another important attributes of the content such as :

  • It is how to

  • It’s a short video

  • The brand name is focused in niche

  • Clear descriptions are made which can lead to action.

We can easily see lot of exciting video results surrounded which can easily result in getting higher clicks. These video contents are authoritative and concise all at the same time.

 3. Local, hyperlocal and business optimization

Google is increasingly providing representations of information at local and hyperlocal category. Business can easily make the use of this great exposure while providing and registering their business information on Google My Business. This way your site would be easily targeting local/hyperlocal/ business key phrase to create content accordingly and makes it easier for search engine to show relevant information. This relevant information is often shows with the help of rich snippets such as location maps, knowledge graphs and panels, 3 packs representation and sitelinks.

These attributes are highly effective in making the content of your website stands different in the SERPs when people search for businesses on local or hyperlocal levels.

4. Images

When it comes to showing related links, Google is always a pro!

Depending on what users are searching for, Google makes sure to deliver image results. These image results are delivered next to rich snippets which accompany information in answer box and also in image packs. If the image is well optimized and suits with the search intent, Google presents it top on image results despite these sites not ranking at top in general SERPs.

This makes it very clear that Google tend to support images in search results which are well optimized by showing it at the top search results despite the content not ranking in terms of text terms.

5. Never overlook the best practice and PPC

Indeed Google rigorously add more intuitive and rich features in SERPs  but it does not take away the importance of SEO best practices such as good title tags and meta description. A content which is well written and contains all the norms of SEO will definitely stand out in SERPs.

Also PPC cannot be forgotten. If your site is an ecommerce business type, it is possible to gain higher visibility on SERPs.

Last words

The Google SERPs are rapidly changing which is needed a challenge but also an opportunity in itself. If you create content which is well formatted, tightly bounded with required information and obviously well optimized, it is going to get a good visibility. Use these features mentioned above to represent your website entirely different from the crowd at SERP and experience higher profit.

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