How to improve your Value as an Strategic SEO partner?


How to improve your Value as an Strategic SEO partner?

Sometimes retaining and improving client relationships is more than doing great SEO work. It takes lot of hard work and time to build that relationship with the clients. The real win is when your client refers new prospects to you because of the dedication you put in. Best seo company in india believes that there are four principles essential to retain and improve relationship with the clients which made them successful in becoming a more valuable partner to the organizations they represent.

  • Build better reporting dashboards 

You can get that additional value as an SEO professional through better reporting performance. In present marketing environment, technological innovation can let you to provide solid reporting dashboards. With so much data in your hands it is essential to showcase that information in the most appropriate way to the clients, highlighting key takeaways and also provide access to entire dataset. You can use a combination of functionality provided in Google Analytics and third-party resources for managing communication presentation.

Key Google Analytics key functionalities are-

  • Create and Customise dashboards to present the most important data to the clients in the organised way.

  • Report Shortcuts- to get faster access to reports so that clients can easily access the information.

Third party resources

  • Google Analytics Solution Gallery -to provide in- products such as custom reports, dashboards for Google Analytics.

  • Dash This and Report Garden- for generating charts and visualizations.

Through better visualization you can improve the effectiveness of the communication.

  • Learn Complementary Software Applications

SEOs must understand that newer technologies and software applications which can either augment their SEO tactics or demonstrate performance. Few of these technologies are-

Marketing Automation - helps in development of SEO landing page, prospect/customer reporting and assessing overall performance.

Content curation - assist in creating keyword-specific destinations, content hubs for competitive keyword targets.

Account Based marketing- this helps in examining efforts on-site and off-site, based on targeted audience behavior.

Through these software applications we can better able to demonstrate the impact we can provide to our client’s program.

  • Don’t forget your client’s myriad of obligations

As an SEO professional your number one priority is to generate results such as traffic, leads, sales, etc  from search engines. SEO is one of the many priorities and obligations of your clients. There are  number of other priorities and obligation which are above SEO for the clients from which they have to deal with on daily basis.

So, as an SEO professional you have to understand that where SEO fits into a client’s list of priorities and make certain your recommendations will fit within the entire digital marketing mix. A good SEO balances their priorities with the client’s comprehensive program objectives as well as being professionals they need to understand how to leverage new client initiatives so that it can benefit organic search performance, in direct and indirect manners.

  • Networking is must

IT’s often challenging to work with clients in other industries as it requires a lot of understanding of their target market. Through industry networking and communication you have that successful learning of client’s target market. You can attend the local events or conferences related to client’s industry, interview client team members or partners to understand the target markets and buyer behaviour. This helps you to  improve the direction of keyword strategy and techniques applied through content and communication for link acquisition.

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