How to create good content using numbers?


How to create good content using numbers?

Webmasters and marketers are very critical about the content they wanna create for their websites because quite understandably its importance is preeminent. While creating content, a lot of aspects are considered for eg. keywords, updates, relevance, user feedback, accuracy, creativity etc. and we often try to cover almost everything. According to top 10 seo companies in Chicago, in a relentless pursuit to produce worthwhile content every time a marketer is bound to experience writer’s block, which is nothing to be concerned about because it is quite natural. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at simple remedy of getting out of this block and creating content using numbers and datas which is so basic that it almost goes unnoticed.

How to start?

Starting something new might give you cold feet but there’s nothing to worry about because if you take a good start the subsequent tasks become easier. There are various easy & cool ways to go about it like:


People often ask questions to the search engines so it is very crucial that you come up with keywords that point SERPs to your data. Using different tools available online might help.


Survey about the data and numbers, dig deep and create something catchy. For eg. a cloth vendor would go for no. of design variants, discount sales, stock information and stuff like that. Put together the required information concealed in numbers which can appeal to the users even more.


Throwing bales of data at users won’t take you anywhere, it is the words which speak. We can project information through numbers but need a screen to hold the image and words are those display screens. A beautiful alliance of data and language is always appreciated and users find it more comprehensive rather solo free floating digits.

If SEO companies in Denver are believed, one can use the discipline as a reference to present the numbers in a terrific way like: Geographical information containing data about diverse locations and respective weather, financial surveys showing rates of different sector growths, ethnic diversities projecting the fountain of demographics, latest trends in fashion, sports updates, cultural history, etc.

I have came across certain cases in which the developers seem to get derailed and incline towards one of the aspects i.e, either data or discipline which disturbs the harmony and make the content look out of sorts. Try to avoid it and relate the content appropriately. 

Surprise Surprise!

The greatest advantage of data over regular word heavy content is that it is a potential surprise package for the users. Readers expect to gain routine information from the blogs they read but what if they can get something more. Numbers and graphs can amaze the audience by comparing performances and analyzing even tiniest of the metrics. All this and much more when we use numbers  in content as they spark the excitement among users and forces them to go through every word of the content with sense of involvement. Best SEO companies in Austin feel element of surprise in the content is always effective and fetches higher reader satisfaction.

Let’s have a look at this example:

With rise in inflation every year the gradual increase in prices of commodities often go disregarded. All of us are aware of this fact but never bother to look back and analyze how this phenomenon is affecting our daily lives. For creating content in this context which tantalizes the audience must necessarily include comparative data but a comparison for a wider time frame will give you engaging numbers.

Look at this, 

             “ The gas prices before inflation struck, were $1 for gallon now they’re $3 per gallon”

             “ 600 billion dollar market rise in gas industry and we are completely impervious” 

These figures will surprise the readers and intrigue them insanely.    


Time to wrap it up! Once you are done with all the processing and arrangement sprinkle some alignment on your content. With ample numbers and graphics in the content, one always runs the risk of perplexity which can possess detrimental consequences. But not to worry fellas as it’s very simple to handle, just channelize you numbers and infographics and the remaining content and check whether they are making some sense or not. If they do, you are good to go and if they don’t, review your work by starting to build simple links between content and the data. Best SEO companies in Calabasas often suggest their clients to be very patient with aligning the content and look after the relevance of the data provided.

Also, do not forget to promote and market your content on social platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and if possible, target the users who are more likely to get the hang of numbers.

Thank you guys for sticking…..

I hope you like this blog on numbers being the x factor for content development…..    

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