How to become a successful businessman by SEOs?


How to become a successful businessman by SEOs?

SEO is the new sensation in the marketing world! Take a look into the real life story of an ordinary businessman who went on to become a tycoon by virtue of SEO techniques. Read and learn how SEO can prove to be a life savior for your obsolescent business. 

The story began 8 years ago with Chandan Joshi, an ordinary bookseller who had, not so perceptible website. The business was doing just fine until the online industry barged in. Sales of regular businessmen with offline modes of transactions took a nosedive. To cope with this uneasy scenario everyone decided to catch up and Chandan was no different. 

Gradually, as the market started to revive most businessmen went online and few people like Chandan, who already had websites knew little about the exponential rise in internet traffic and increasing intensity of cutthroat competition. Despite the fact that his website had the chronological advantage over others’ the reviews were not to his liking. Search engines seemed really dormant towards the website. His business got stuck in a slump and was on the verge of finish. The website ranked really low on Google search and stood no chance against popular and more visited websites. Twilight of the thought of shutting down his business was getting brighter every day but then suddenly he came to know about something called search engine optimization and little did he knew that it would be the game changer for his site. 

SEO seemed something mystical to Chandan as he was completely unaware of it, but when he acquainted the dynamics of SEO techniques he decided to grab it like a drowning man catches a straw. He hired an SEO Services Company to blow some life into his business.

A proper framework was designed for SEO application on the website, and within few days his website picked up and started to get good reviews. The rank kept improving and eventually it became a prime search.

His website is ranked amongst top booksellers in the country right now with hundreds of searches every day. 

This is just one of many other stories like this which narrate how SEO turned to be a boon for their website and business. 

Now just take a look at how SEO works

SEO is a methodology which helps to pin your website on the internet map. SEO processes are completely strategized to improve the rank of a website and subsequently densifying its traffic.    


These are certain words or phrases that users type to search about anything they desire to know. Say for example, if I want to search for event planners then I’ll type the same on Google search bar. Now, Google will look for the websites which has the same phrase in them but of course with relevance. So event planners will be a keyword for business people who own a event planning website. Keywords help Google to point the users in the correct direction of search. Using vivid but relevant keywords in sufficient quantity will attract more users towards your website.    


It’s a process of creating a bridge network between different nodes often referred as links which acts as doorway to relevant content. While serving users we must make sure that he visits all the nooks and crannies of the information town he is searching for. Providing correct and precise links of the content within your website related to desired search or keyword is really important.     

On a whole SEO can prove to be extremely helpful for budding as well as established businessmen.

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