How to answer the questions related to your business on Quora?


How to answer the questions related to your business on Quora? has been working hard to provide a solution to all kind of problems faced in online marketing. It tries to provide with best possible solutions and careful insight on the needs of its clients. Social media platforms are an essential tool to increase the presence of the business. brings to you this informative article that deals with the most common question that usually marketers face i.e how to provide answers to question related to your business in Quora

Let us begin with the process…

Background of Quora

Quora is a simple and popular question and answer platform that creates, organize and edit questions. Answer given to the questions are ranked carefully according to their relevance. Quora is effectively integrated with social media, that makes it quite simple to share question and answer with the followers. 

Users are required to give their original name to ask question or answer any question on the website. One can also use their Google and Facebook account to login into the site. You can search topics on Quora according to your expertise and get started with answering them. You can vote others answer and can follow other thought leaders.

 Quora is also beneficial search engine marketing strategy. Quora is a high pagerank website, it tends to get indexed much faster. You can add links in the anchor text. Use keywords that you want to get ranked in search engine as an anchor text to increase the visibility. 

In this article, we will guide you on how to signin in quora and also tips to increase engagement with other thought leaders of the niche industry. 

Connecting on Quora

STEP 1: open the page



 STEP 2: Sign up with Facebook, Google or Twitter account.


STEP 3:  Search for topic relevant to your industry and join their discussion. You may add question that can entice other people to answer it.


STEP 4: once your desired topic is found, you can select it for further updates in it.

STEP 5: click on a question related to your industry and leave a relevant answer

STEP 6: some questions brings answer from all authorities of the industry. We insist you to engage and respond to users question early and consistent. Doing this can help to increase the brand awareness enhance quora SEO and also help to create value for your business website. 


Best practice for Quora

  1. After posting the question, note about who viewed it. Check the detailed metrics of the viewers from the view page and how they found about the question.

  2. Add image in the profile. It seems quiet weird to have a brand logo rather than a face. You may add image in the question that can add value to your question and make it stand out of the crowd.

  3.  Insert link to your website including the social media profile. Social media will will push updates on other networks and increase the audience's engagement even more.

  4. Share your answers to all the social media platforms that you have access to. Doing this will increase traffic for the website.

  5. Add quora in your browser to make the sharing process as seamless as possible.

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