How to analyze your content?


How to analyze your content?

Emphasis on content calibre is important but measuring its impact on users is equally crucial. There are standard techniques like traffic, page guests, click rates, etc. to measure the productivity of the content but they aren’t reliable. Best SEO companies in portland have a consensus that true potency of the content lies in the effectiveness. In today’s blog we’ll take a look at the metrics which will give an explicit analysis of your content.

The top SEO companies in USA focus on developing your brand's online performance by introducing compelling content on the website as well as blogs. Content has the power to make you climb search engine rankings. If you are new to the Content marketing term then we would like to introduce the term. Content Marketing basically stands for sharing of media and publishing keyword rich useful content on your website, blogs and other popular blogs that would help you to acquire new customers. Here is how your can analyse your content and make it search engine friendly.  

For any regular website running marketing fray among its competitors the focus has to be on goal oriented start. This begins by finding the whole outcome in a particular time frame. If you are monitoring your website’s performance daily, keeping an eye on the turnovers it generates for seeking information is pivotal. Regardless to the figures, you must be able to provide relevant content which caters to the user demand.

Make sure that users aren’t just hovering over the pages, they are digging deep.

Another way of determining the success of the content is by the time allocated by the user to your website. Observe the amount of time reader spends on the content actually reading it. The measure of time gives you an idea about user engagement or how captivated he feels by the content. In addition to this, few SEO companies in St. Louis have included the rate of viewer interaction and feedback as a criteria for content assessment.   

There are variety of ways to promote the content but the most popular one is on the social media platforms. Promoting the content socially is one the aspects which needs analysis. Conversions from social promotions and advertisements should be considered while metering the performance.

Self examination

With set patterns available for routine round ups, every company feels the need of coming up with something of their own. With vivid variety of screening methods here are some common processes to determine the success rate:

  • Accumulating leads generated by the website either periodically or at random.

  • Determining the place which provoked the user to visit your website.

  • Channelizing the reader’s activities so that it allows you to observe closely the potency of your content.

  • Density of crowd for content i.e., which part of the content has maximum visitors and how frequent are they.

  • Are there any downloads or feedback comments.

  • Viewer remarks on similar content.

  • Observational inference over different socio-economic references.

  • Effect on readership by the creator’s popularity.

  • User penchant 


One would actually feel thrilled to see the conversion rates but it can be deceptive at times. Instances have shown that websites with commercial objectives have high conversion rate but very low success rate and this is purely because they require user investment and just browsing through won’t do any good. For commercially oriented websites a step further that is relation between readership and investment is required to successfully comprehend the productivity of the content. Commercially charged websites often have more competition and therefore the annual leads generated are bit higher which are not so promising. Audit reports of best SEO companies in Salt Lake City suggest a continuous scanning of lead to investor conversion data is the bedrock of content development and impact measurement. 

This blog is more of a suggestion which I wanted to share with you after being at the throws of various website audits. There are some serious loopholes in the measurement metrics which directly tarnishes the strategic pathway to SEO success. So I would like to end with an advise for you to be more careful and detective while measuring your content scheme and value every facet of it with equal pensiveness.

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