How to align SEO, Content and PR for greater amount of conversion?


How to align SEO, Content and PR for greater amount of conversion?

Don’t you think that traditional public relation is dead?

The increasing amount of online presence, need for social media and many other aspects for enhancing online presence and marketing has some what caused the traditionals PR to degrade.

Though degraded, PR is not dead yet! We are in 21st century and public relation is still working as a good tool for marketing. PR has evolved over the years to satisfy the need for people over the changing years. Today, reaching at the top of the SERP is equally essential as getting published on the front page of a newspaper.

Brands have also tunned itself to make necessary changes and use each of the marketing strategy. It is also seen that digital marketing strategies like content, SEO and public relation heavily influence each other. This trio is extremely productive in getting better traffic and conversions as compared to using one single approach.

How SEO, PR and Content overlap?

Professionals from SEO company Kansas explains that content is the major element of SEO, PR and content together. Creating an excellent, unique and valuable content is the need of the hour for all and any kind of practices mentioned above.

The goal of public relation is to create such an excellent content that instantly attract publishers and post the brand right at the top of the readers attention level. The similarity of PR with SEO and content is both of the practice also work on the similar principle which is part of content marketing.

This is the reason that most number of B2B brands are switching to content marketing at large as this can be an ideal situation for most of the practices. As more and more people are heading towards getting content added to their business, they lack a very important quotient in the content which is quality.

The content that marketers generate should not only address to the need of the business but also provide value to the customers at the same time. In simpler terms, your content should address the intent of the customers while creating content.

In terms of SEO, the basic role lies in boosting the content to get ranking and get the name of the brand in front of the users in searches. When public relation is used in a particular manner, it leads to satisfy the SEO goal.

Best SEO company in Las Vegas believe that knowledge is the only key for employing the concept of SEO, content as well as public relation. It can help in making the three of them work together and enhance the brands reputation online.

How to sync SEO, PR and content together?

1. Develop content for common personas

Every marketing campaign is heavily dependent on personas. This is also the very core for successful collaboration with in various facets of marketing. The public relation team generally have the idea of what they wants to promote and to whom it should be targeted. Similarly SEO and content marketing have the idea whom to target.

This kind of target persona is really helpful to strengthen the brand and ensures to understand the target for particular campaign.

2. Wipe off the working siloes

To get the complete benefit of the three concepts together, the marketing campaigns should be aligned with the best practices of SEO,PR and content marketing. Combining the resources of these three principal can bring great results.

For example, the content generated by public relation team should be verified by SEO and content marketing teams respectively to find any suggested fault and ensure a common voice of message throughout various channels.

Public relation team can also help in achieving valuable backlinks from reputed publications.

3. Collaborating with the content

SEO, content marketing and PR all have single direction goal. Keywords targeted by SEO team can be used in various press releases and contents to increase the brand recognition. Keywords which are highly competitive can be used in press releases for reputed publications to capture the ranking thoroughly. Getting features in credible publication is an easier way to get the ranking and engagement very easily.

4. Measuring the progress and success

Testing the marketing effort within content, SEO, PR is extremely needed. You can begin with looking at the KPIs about how much the customers are engaging with the content and how traffic and lead is generated by having a strong PR campaign.

Make sure to analyse before and after the campaign and the impact across various buyers personas. The more in depth information you receive, the better will be your target for the campaign.


Public relation is not dead. It has grown as an important medium of digital marketing. Public relation is an important element to shape the online reputation of the brands. The only difference of approach in terms of SEO and content marketing is that public relation has synced its practices with the SEO and content efforts. The more is the collaboration within these elements the more is the benefit for the brand as a whole.

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