How novelty affects ranking?


How novelty affects ranking?

The ranking metrics are unsteady, dynamic, irresolute & much much more so we have to be equally agile and come up with tricks that stays in sync with it. Top 10 SEO companies in Portland believe, freshness of the content drives it towards higher ranks and aging content has to settle for low ranks unless it is updated frequently with relevant additions. In today’s blog, we’ll understand why freshness plays such a key role in rankings and how to master it.

What is fresh content?

Freshness resonates with advancements or updates in the field. I am talking about some hot search topics on the search engines which could be influenced by recent sports, politics or technological events. Few tweaks here and there to the content which build a relation between latest news and updates is called refreshing and this is how one can uplift the novelty.

  • Freshness by Genesis

The day when search engines know about the existence of the content is the day it borns. Content infancy sustains for a brief and starts to putrefy as the time progresses. With every passing day it starts to get stale and hence the rankings drop. This is one of those factors which one can’t do much about.

  • Change

It is not only about the inception. Let me explain. Even after updating, there are bits of content which remain the way they were because they are meant to be that way and one can not do much about it. For search engines, it isn’t about the essence of meaning but they measure the amount of change in the stuff. For instance let’s say, you have updated your entire content but there are few lines which are still untouched therefore the content would be categorized as old. Some of the best SEO companies in San Jose provide such services where they change the complete content from word to word.

  • Changing the metal

Most people perceive content refreshment as alteration in the aspects like design, marketing & promotions, feedback etc. but the change actually refers to the core of the whole content like text and body. This is something which goes unheeded and undeciphered among webmasters because of the disambiguation.

  • New addition  

Website ranking isn’t something which improves overnight as it takes weeks and months even years depending upon the services you are going for so, long term credibility has to be the prime focus. In context of persistent benefits, adding new pages to the content can come quite handy. Experienced web marketers often add new webpages on regular intervals to keep the site extensively updated without making any adjustments to the present content.

  • Linking

The ultimate goal is providing fresh content either within the website or a through a bridge that already has it. Interlinking existing web pages which have high freshness quotient to your content can help you in achieving so.

  • Traffic

There are different standards used by the search engines to decide rankings and one of them is traffic or user density. Managing the user engagement or in fact augmenting it gives a hint that website is filled with fresh content which lures users to visit. Best SEO companies in Las Vegas provide services which increase click rates and postage consequently improving the user density.

  • Old is gold

With so much hype about the freshness of the content, one can’t deny the fact that even search engines understand the quality and importance of old content. Evergreen content which can stand the test of time is always preferred over new content. It doesn’t necessarily mean that new content is incompetent but the immaculate significance of old and evergreen stuff is very hard to beat since it carries all the applause from over the years by various visitors. Evergreen content is a Cadillac, you know it isn’t so fast but you still tempt it.

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